3.12.12 Officer Meeting Minutes

Posted: March 12, 2012

Pie day 3.14.12 : This Wednesday. Seniors are hosting. Buy whipped cream, garbage bags, paper plates, etc.

Ugonma will buy paper plates and garbage bags

ECM meetings: everyone needs to attend.

Change date for carwash because of weather?

Whole first week before spring break (starting next Monday) selling tickets for prom. $75 with ASB $85 without. Put up poster from Men’s Wearhouse. Wear the shirt they gave us to advertise (same day)

Ugonma make announcement tonight about when prom tickets go on sale.

March 20th is talent show as well as fashion show. Prom rep challenge has started. Cards have been passed out. Models are chosen for fashion show. Ask Kylie for more information.

Made $444 profit from food fest

Doughnut sale: March 27 (Tues)

Chocolate has been ordered