Pep Club Minutes: October 25

October 30, 2011

- Voted for Fundraisers 
- house of Air before thanksgiving break 
- Chevy’s night: any night 

*Wear class shirts on Friday 
*Need 4 officers for pep rally this Friday

Pep Club Minutes: September 27

October 30, 2011

Practice for Song and yell! 
	-Banners!  By thursday

Next Tuesday club Picture (Oct. 4)

Pep Club Minutes: October 18

October 30, 2011

Food fest: 
- pizza for $3 

Movie Night this Friday

$5 Class t-shirt discount for regular pep club members  

$5 off boat dance if keep 5 raffle tickets

Pep Club Minutes: September 20

October 30, 2011

Nike Women’s Marathon (October 15) 

Song and Yell:
- practice at Cafeteria today
- free snacks 

Pep rally
- this Friday: need 4 people

Raffle tickets: 
- 1 free boat dance ticket 
-need ASB sticker
- tickets for volunteering and helping out
- pick winner on the day of boat dance (pep rally)

Officer Meeting Minutes: October 24

October 30, 2011

Chevy’s Night, House of Air, Bowling?, Pika Pika  
* get pep club to vote 
* get actual dates by Friday 

- next food fest: Nov. 18

T-shirt sales: 
- officers wear it every week until we sell 10 

Boat Dance: 
- DJ by December 
- Captain hat (guy) and sailor hat (girl) for court
	- queen and king, 2 princesses and princes 
- masquerade? Costume? 

Last dance: themed

Officer Meeting Minutes: October 17

October 30, 2011

Parking event: 
Officers: Jessica Terry, Yurie, Emily
Prom Venue: 
- next prom venue: Oct. 22 
- liked: Hilton and Fairmont 
- Prom Committee? 
- ask questions: how much? Deposit? Date? What’s included? Is there dessert? 
*- check Westin and palace and narrow down for 3 official tours
*Jessica: make an official meeting
* book by January
*Budget for prom: $30,000
Food Fest: 
Pizza- $3 
*Vivian: Poster 
- need 2 people to help pick up pizza with Ms. Ho. 

* last dance themed? 
* song request for Boat Dance (DJ Rod?)

Officer Meeting Minutes: October 11

October 30, 2011

Nike Women’s Marathon this weekend 

Prom Venue: before November! 

Octoberfest: Costco pizza 
Autumn Ball- November 19 

Officer hoodies? 

*Give raffle tickets to people that helped with Song and Yell and Nike Marathon

Officer Meeting Minutes: October 3, 2011

October 30, 2011

Nike Women’s Marathon (October 15) 
- course and aid section 

Fleet week (October 8/9) 
Saturday: Jay, Sarah, Gabby 
Sunday: Yurie, Jessica, Terry, Emily 
	- find replacements if can’t able to make it 
	*- Gabby replacing Vivian 11-3 

Song and Yell t-shirts: 
-spell out JUNIORS for officers 
- everyone pay $3 (Yurie and Sarah paid)

Officers Meeting Minutes: Monday, September 26

October 23, 2011

1. Nike Women’s Marathon on October 15

2. Pep Club Picture on October 4

Nike Women’s Marathon October 15

October 2, 2011

We need volunteers for Nike Women’s Marathon! if you would like to sign up, please talk to one of the officers or come to pep club and sign up!

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