Pep Club Minutes: January 10

January 22, 2012

Prom Venue Suggestions: 
Academy of Sciences 
The Dome @ Westfield 

Boat Dance Themes 
Under the Sea 
Disney Themes- Little Mermaid 

Pep Rally this Friday: need 4 people 

Boat Dance Committee 
Promote Boat Dance 
Ask teachers to be chaperone 
Boat Dance Court: Help Terry with crowns and sashes 
Get a DJ with Yurie by Wednesday

*Vivian- update display case by the end of the month 
*Make Boat Dance Tickets by mid-Feb

Officer Meeting Minutes: January 3 2012!

January 8, 2012

Get prom venue by the end of this week. 
Look at Metreon tomorrow at 4:30 pm. 

Last dance 
Outside dance for last dance 
Hawaiian theme? 

Boat Dance 
Raffle for t-shirts with boat dance tickets 
Boat dance prices? $25/30? 
Boat dance Court- Committee 

*Gabby- January calendars
*Vivian & Committee- Boat Dance poster 
*Yurie- advertise t-shirts
First meeting of the year! (:

Pep Club Minutes: December 6

January 8, 2012

Prom Committee: 
make posters and meet at ASB today 
Pick colors
Holiday Party (:
Last Pep Club meeting of 2011!

Officer Metting Minutes: December 5

January 8, 2012

Holiday Party for Pep Club: 
Jessica & Terry: cupcakes
Sarah: chips
Yurie: cookies 
Vivian: drinks 
Gabby & Jay: cheese and crackers 
Emily: cookies

Secret Santa: $10-15 

Boat Dance Committee: painting poster 

Officer Hoodies? Sweats? 

Thursday for Officer Party? 

* Gabby: update on money and calendars
Last Officer meeting of 2011!