Officer Meeting Minutes: March 13

March 18, 2012

- Yurie: Mr. Lee needs permission from principal first
Sarah: resize fliers

Last Dance:
May 18- last day
- start preparing in beginning of April

To Do:
Jessica: call Mayling
Terry: talk to florists

Officer Meeting Minutes: March 12

March 18, 2012

CPR class: April 21st
- give fliers to teachers
- Sarah in charge of Fliers
-Yurie: check with Main office or Mr. Lee for emails

-Ideal Day: May 17th
- Jessica: call Mayling and email Bentley for May 17th
- Julia Morgan? Bentley? City View?
- Get venue before April

To do:
Gabby: order sweats and hoodies
- Get DJ check and profits check

Officer Meeting Minutes: February 26

March 18, 2012

Gabby: Get checks ready by the end of this week and check account

Boat Dance:
-petitions in ASB
- Ballots done on the night of the dance
- Vivian: make ballots
- go homeroom to announce extension and prices
- dance shift schedule by March 1st

No food fest participation this time

Need Prom Venue ASAP!

Officer Meeting Minutes: February 21

March 18, 2012

Boat Dance:
-sold about 150 tickets
- need disclaimers (Sarah)
- Breathalyzers- no alcohol
- no refund, will be kicked off boat
- need chaperones!
- list of songs for DJ
- officers: $20

-Have Mayling call Angelique
- max per person: $70
-Dates: (1st choice- 3rd choice) May 18, May 4, May 11
- Metreon on Friday

Officer Meeting Minutes: February 13

March 18, 2012

-Mr. Lee’s making fliers
-Mr. Chinn: billing permit
- Fliers for teachers
- after boat dance, before spring break?
- shifts for everyone

Pep Club Minutes: February 7

March 18, 2012

Spirit week beginning of March

Gary- Younglife for chaperones

Boat Dance: voted for sashes and crowns

Mayling: prom planner that can drive us around to venues either on Wednesday or Friday

Food proposal: pizza or chow mein

Officer Meeting Minutes: February 6

March 18, 2012

CPR- Feb 25
Size fliers- Sarah and Jessica (Friday)
Yurie- ask if school will be open

Boat Dance
Mark (DJ) pay?
Just on Valentine’s Day: first 50 non juniors get free coat check. Juniors get free class t-shirt
1st week: $25 w/ ASB; 30 w/o; 40 Guest
2nd and 3rd week: 30 w/ ASB; 35 w/o; 40 Guest
Last week: $40 for everyone