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    It's not the time to slack off anymore! Join pep club by hopping over to rm 401 on Tuesday lunch times to get involved with fundraising! We need as many of you seniors as possible in order to have a great ending of high school.Be there or be square.

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  • 2013-2014 Class Officers

    President: Judy Y.
    Business Vice President: Rebecca B.
    Social Vice President: Abby S.
    Treasurer: Wendy L.
    Recording Secretary: Melanie N.
    Corresponding Secretary: Bonnie J.
    Historian: Colleen L.
    Activities Chairperson: Justine J.

    Class Sponsors: Mr. J Rivera. & Ms. M Haris

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  • Junior Pep Club!

    Get Involved! Meetings are every Tuesdays at lunchtime in Room 401.

    Next Meeting: TBA