June 10, 2017 – 1st Annual Observatory Telescope Fundraiser Dinner Dance


Even though we are still months away,  it’s never too early to announce and publicize an important event. Please mark your calendars now to set aside Saturday, June 10, 2017, for the Galileo Alumni Association’s 1st Annual Dinner Dance. This is a fundraiser to fund the restoration of Galileo High’s Observatory and Telescope. Your school, Galileo, for some 95 years, was the only high school in the country to have an Observatory and a Telescope on its premises. In earlier years, the Observatory was used by the students and the general public to view the moon and the stars. But, time had caught up with the Observatory and it had not been available for any use for some time now. Galileo will be celebrating its centennial year in 2021 and we are planning to perform the restoration and have it re-opened for use and viewing by this date.

Therefore, we will sponsoring many fundraisers this year and in the coming years in order to meet our objective. It is a lofty goal but we are committed to make it happen with your help and participation.

Our first fundraiser for this year will be the event shown below. Please make your best effort to help us kick off our fundraising with your attendance at this event. If you enjoy dancing or like to see old friends and meet new ones, your participation at our first event and making it a success will guarantee that we will continue to have these fundraisers on a regular basis throughout this year and years to come. Please demonstrate your appreciation and commitment in helping the GAA achieve its goals.

The two bands that will be playing at our first event were selected because of their commitment to our school because many of the band members from both bands are themselves, Galileo alumni. I am sure you are probably familiar with both bands for Jest Jammin who have been very popular playing in our community for decades. Rendezvous is the upcoming band of recent and is gaining tremendous popularity and praise by leaps and bounds. Alan Kitashima is a well known Line Dancing Instructor within our community and will be offering Line Dancing instructions during the bands hour long break.

We look forward to seeing and meeting all of you there. Let’s all have fun and be a part of something totally worthwhile for our school and it’s students. If for any reason you just will not be able to attend, please consider making a donation to our Observatory Fund, it will be greatly appreciated.