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The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism was established in 1987 through
support from the American Express Foundation to expose high school students to
the wide variety of opportunities and careers paths in one of the world’s largest
industries. Through the Academy, students develop the thinking and problemsolving
skills critical to their success in college, careers and beyond.

The excitement and diversity in the hospitality and tourism industry makes it
an attractive field for students who are fascinated by other cultures and economies.
This burgeoning industry offers a huge and growing variety of professional career
choices. The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism provides engaging courses and
real-life work experiences that inspire students about their future whether it is in this
industry or other professions.

Completion of the Academy of Hospitality & Tourism program of study helps
prepare students for post-secondary education not only in hospitality and tourism
related majors but also for any concentrated program requiring a strong foundation
in social studies, business, and language arts.

11th Grade Year at Galileo

  • Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism
  • US History Honors (for AoHT)

12th Grade Year at Galileo

  • Hospitality and Tourism Systems
  • American Democracy Honors (for AoHT)

Along with their required academic courses, students take one or two
specialized, industry-related courses each semester and a college-level course in
their senior year. Every AOHT student is encouraged to take at least three years of
mathematics, a semester of computer applications, and to study at least one foreign
language. Academies are organized to encourage teachers to work together in an
interdisciplinary project-based approach so students understand the relevance of
each subject and become engaged in learning.

Paid Internships
Each summer Academy of Hospitality and Tourism students work as paid
interns in hotels, museums, travel centers, tourism bureaus, sports facilities, and
other hospitality and/or tourism-related settings.