The Summer Internship Program provides a work-based learning experience for high school students between their junior and senior year.  Participating students are part of a career pathway program.  The internship is an opportunity for them to practice the skills they have learned and to gain exposure to the world of work.

Summer 2006

  1. We placed a total of 150 interns in private, public and non-profit organizations for all San Francisco Pathways and Schools.
  2. Student salaries represent a private sector investment of over $100,000.


What interns are saying…

“Working in the city attorney’s office really showed me a lot about law and what the different branches responsibilities are.  I also learned a lot of people skills and how to work with others.  [This experience] motivated me to work harder for what I want to do when I get older.” ~ Law Academy student, Mission High

“One of the best things about my internship was being introduced to my co-workers and having them describe their role in the company and their views on the company as a whole…I liked negotiating with clients and being able to connect them with the media.  This experience will make me take lessons where we have to speak in public or work with other people more seriously.” ~ Finance Academy student, Burton High School 

“I absolutely loved this internship and everything was great!  I’ve learned so much and have experienced how labs work.  My experience at the UCSF Clinical Laboratory was better than being paid.  As I exposed myself to this lab, I believed more and more that I am capable of doing what each scientist does.  I plan to work harder to achieve my goals.” ~ Biotech Pathway student, Lincoln High School

“One of the best things about my internship was getting to know the type of hard work it takes to get somewhere great in life.  I think I have what it takes and I am a hard worker.”
“The best thing about my internship was meeting really cool people.  I feel like I networked well and developed connections that will prove useful in the future…[I concluded] I am able to learn anything and there is no reason I should expect myself to know everything.”  ~ Law Academy students, Balboa High School

“This experience makes me plan ahead for the future.” ~ IT Academy student, Galileo Academy

What employers are saying…

“I hired someone from this program and had a great experience with the student they placed in our office.”
~ Scott Hauge, San Francisco Small Business Advocates and President, CAL Insurance & Associates

“The students were well-prepared and provided a valuable contribution to our daily operations.  Wells Fargo has committed to participate again next summer and I encourage other San Francisco businesses to do the same.”
~ Lisa Stevens, Wells Fargo’s San Francisco Bay Area Regional President.

“[The student] was a wonderful addition to our team and a big help with some of our projects that needed to get done but no one ever had the time.  Thank you it was a great experience!
~ Pacific Gas & Electric

“[The student] has been an outstanding intern.  He has many well-developed skills ranging from advanced computer competency and content knowledge in biology to organizational and problem solving skills, all put to good use in this placement.  In addition, he has many personal qualities which make him a tremendous colleague!  ~ UCSF Medical Center