Audio Tours of San Francisco 2011


Welcome to the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Audio Tours of San Francisco!

We are so excited you are joining us for one of seven unique San Francisco Tours.

Step 1: Read the summaries of the tours to find the one that’s right for you.  Tours range from 1 hour to all day.

Step 2:   Download the audio tour to your computer and Ipod or MP3 player.  To download the audio, right click on audio link, then click ‘save link as.’ The audio ranges from 2 to 6 minutes.

Step 3: Take your tour listening to the audio (most are walking or taking MUNI)

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Japantown: A Walk To Remember

The Japanese arrived in San Francisco in the 1860’s. In the beginning, they lived in Chinatown and Market street but soon  moved to the west of Union Square known as the “Western Addition.” There, they began to build homes, stores, restaurants, and temples which came to be called Japantown or Nihonmachi “Little Tokyo.” Japantown is a 3-square block Center composed of a variety of stores that sell everything from traditional Japanese items like kimonos (a traditional dress worn by Japanese women) to present day electronics and crafts. This place is recommended for those who want to explore San Francisco and see a part of its international side.

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San Francisco’s Central Park, Only Bigger & Better !

Our tour is called San Francisco’s Central Park, Only Bigger & Better! We chose this name for the tour because Golden Gate Park resembles New York City’s Central Park. This tour takes you all around Golden Gate Park. Stops include… Conservatory of Flowers, AIDS Memorial Garden, Shakespeare’s Garden, Stow Lake, Strawberry Hill, Beach Chalet, and the Dutch Windmill. It’s great for people who love nature and walking.

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The Trolley Through China

We are touring around Chinatown to find out the best places to eat,  to learn about Cable Cars, and to do some light shopping. What are the cheapest and best foods in Chinatown? Well, In Chinatown, we are walking around the whole area to show you our ideas on the best food we ever had from finger-licking chicken wings to delicious sweet and sour pork. The prices are mainly under ten dollars because we enjoy cheap food but also good quality food. Also we are going to show you around the best places in Chinatown such as the famous Cable Car Museum, the Cookie Factory, and Capital Restaurant.

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The Wonders of the Military

The Wonders of the Military is a tour for anyone that wants to take a walk and have some fresh air or just to have a day full of driving, walking, and exploring. This tour is for adults that are active. The tour starts from Fort Mason all the way to Crissy Field. Throughout the walk, we will visit places from cities to lands and from lands into the forest and from the forest to the lands. It shows you places that you wouldn’t have expected to see so close to a major city. From this tour, you will drive to our destination and you can just get out of the car and walk around the area! If you have a bike, bring one to bike around.

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Ice Cream Wonderland

Have you ever wanted to taste some of the best ice cream in the city? Ever want to take a walk through Russian Hill, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Mission? Well, now you can with our special Ice Cream Wonderland Tour. We take a walk through Russian Hill and visit a beautiful scene that has been talked about everywhere from movies to books, and is the subject of a new ACT musical. Then you’ll visit the world renowned Ghiradelli Ice Cream Store. While enjoying some great Ice Cream we’ll take a walk across the beach and over to the Maritime Museum where we’ll learn some history, then go to Mission for more ice cream and a visit to Dolores park.  While you are experiencing our tour, you’ll be mingling with tourists from all over the world. You’ll get the full San Francisco experience.

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Diamond in the Rough

Our walking tour takes you to San Francisco’s Diamond in the Rough, The Tenderloin. Once stepping across the borderline into the Tenderloin, you can feel the change of atmosphere turning into emotion and depth. This nestled little corner of 50 square blocks suffers the scar of San Francisco’s homeless people, poverty, alcohol and drug abuse. A place that makes a struggle look beautiful, it holds a gritty image as a notorious district and is one of the few places in San Francisco to experience the true reality of our world, a place to take notice of its gentrification. An unlikely stop for a San Francisco tour, the Tenderloin is a place to learn the ups and downs of this brought down, sad but yet full of color neighborhood. Enrich yourself with knowledge of the Tenderloins’ interesting history. This is a walking tour for those who want to experience a part of the city of true reality, diversity, uniqueness, and intensity of mind with its exciting story and facts.

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Nature Lover’s

Do you ever feel like you want to grasp the presence of nature and get away from wherever you are?  If so, then this will be one tour you will truly enjoy.  Welcome to the “Nature Lovers” tour. We are here to take you all around these beautiful natural places right in the city of San Francisco.  We will take you to Washington Square, Liguria Bakery, Coit Tower, Filbert street steps, Levi’s Plaza and a park for Parrot Watching.

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