Slanted Door Restaurant

Student Reviews of the Slanted Door Restaurant

Slanted Door Interior Miguel Danny Cindy Sandy Larry
Jenny Ms. Field Nick Danny Jenny Diego Computer Lab Slanted Door Bay

Quotes from the reviews of the Slanted Door Restaurant

“The Slanted Door is an amazing restaurant from start to finish.”

“And the view from the restaurant is beautiful because you can see the San Francisco Bay and the Bay Bridge.”

“This restaurant is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to.”

“The service there was great and the waiters just know when to clean up your mess.”

“I really like the restaurant and the food was so good I even ordered twice.”

“The other thing the service is great, you don’t wait much time for the food, and they help you if you have any questions about the menu or other things.”

“The crème brûlée was delicious and melted in your mouth and it took all my will power to stop my self from digging into it like a man who hasn’t eaten for days.”

“The Vietnamese restaurant, Slanted Door is a gem in the restaurant industry. Those that aspire to become future restaurant owners should take some lessons on the great qualities of the Slanted Door.”

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