Executive Council Meeting: September 16, 2013

Meeting started at 3:15 P.M.

-September 18 and 19, need help for picture day

-Target voting: keep voting, Galileo’s one of the top schools in San Francisco

-Homecoming, October 18. Need song requests. There will be a free photobooth. To run for Homecoming Court, please ask for an application at the ASB, $5 fee.

-Advertise yearbooks, $42.50 if you order before September 30.

-Oktober Food Festival, October 11, accepted food proposals.

-Voted on ideas for spirit week.

-Possible Penny War for ASB.

-SAC: Commissioner Hainey proposed that if our school doesn’t have the class you’re looking for, to try to go to other schools and take it there. Still being debated upon.

-Senior class: BBQ/ Car Wash was successful, earned around $1,500.

-Junior Class: Planning to do Nike Marathon and Mermaid Run

-Sophomore Class: Car wash on October 26 and November 30th, also planning to do Nike Marathon

-Should start to move parking on Fleet Week, October 26, Columbus Day Weekend.

-Remember to stop by Futurama, sign up and check in. More people continues grants for Futurama.

-Discussed food proposals.

Meeting adjourned at 3:52 P.M.