Executive Student Council Meeting: October 7, 2013

Meeting started at 3:15 P.M.

-Make signs for Song and Yell so classes know where to sit.

-Homecoming; prices will go up starting next week, each purchase goes towards class points

-Homecoming court, come find Daisy Cai at lunch in the ASB Office, all people running for Homecoming Court must participate in the activities at lunch during Homecoming week

-Recounted ASB stickers, seniors in lead, try to aim for 200. Will do a recount soon.

-Historians, help paint banners for spirit week.

-Talk about acitivites for Homecoming Week

-There will be a “passport” for each acitivity, there will also be a raffle and will counts towards points

-Working on the school budget,

-Senior Class: buy baseball tees, Tuesday is the last day that it’ll be $20 with ASB. Start signing up for Nike Marathon on the Facebook page. Marathon will be on October 20th, at 6AM. Free shirts.

-Junior Class: Krispy Kreme Fundrasiers. Cancel ordering shirts and will be using last year’s.

-Sophomore Class: October 26 and November 30th, carwashes.

-Friday will be the deadline to turn in skits and to do a run through. Must finalize skits.

-If we sell 400 tickets for Homecoming, the class that sells the most will get free lunch. Only class officers.

Meeting adjourned at 3:48 P.M.