Executive Student Council Meeting: April 28, 2014

Meeting started at 3:14 P.M.

– Brandon makes a motion to approve of the new ASB officers, Victoria and Lawrence second the motion

– Senior class elections during fourth period

– Youth vote is during the second week of May

– Senior class: successful prom on Saturday

– Junior: last dance on May 9th, tickets go on sale on Wednesday, $5 for seniors, $8 with asb, 15 guests. Free pizza and donuts for seniors

– Sophomores: Asian heritage raffle tickets $3

– Freshman: Asian heritage raffle tickets $3, electronics recycle drive this Saturday

– Mr. Ly and Yuyang are replacing old computers

– Support Chinos SF

-Futurama snacks end may 23, new clubs for next year can be started from Futurama

-Discussed food proposals

Meeting adjourned at 3:28 P.M.