Student Leadership Meeting: May 29, 2014

Meeting called to order at 11:00 am.

– Melanie, ASB Corresponding Secretary, Teresa, Senior Social Vice President, Cesar, Senior Treasurer, Mia, Senior Corresponding Secretary and Samantha, Sophomore Activity Chairperson were absent.


1. Introduction

–  All newly elected officers introduced themselves.

– Junior and Sophomore received their BlockGs.

2. Activities Calendar

– Mr. Wing passed out the activities calendar to all officers.

– Yuyang corrected the Homecoming Dance date: Friday, Oct. 3.

3. Song & Yell Themes

– Officers gave out ideas.

– 11 Movies: 11 Musical – Will make the final decision at the next meeting.

4. Move-Up Assembly

– Mr. Wing said that the school probably going to cut the ASB Election Assembly and candidates will give out speeches on the G-House TV.

– Mr. Wing mentioned the tradition of the Move-Up Assembly that people really move. He suggested to have it on the football field then people can have more room to move.

5. Freshmen Orientation

– Colleen talked about the Freshmen Orientation next year. It will be August 15, 9am – 1pm. All officers must come and help out.

– Abby mentioned that we need to treat the new freshmen really nice to let them have a better first impression of Galileo.

6. Fundraising Ideas

– Rebecca asked all class Presidents to share something that they would do to fundraiser.

– Judy, Cyrus and Yuyang shared the fundraisers their class have done.

7. Communication

– Email will be the way we announce important information. Mr. Wing asked everyone to check their email at least once a day.

8. Leadership Meeting

Next leadership meeting will be on August 11, will continue discussing the business had left off today.


Meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm.