Executive Student Council Meeting: September 15, 2014

Meeting called to ordered at 3:20 pm


ASB Social Vice President-  Maria S.


Homecoming tickets will start at 8 dollars each with ASB and go up to 15 dollars max.

Printed 300 tickets


don’t let anyone steal from the asb store items

report intimately to the ASB President, Rebecca B.


ASB Business Vice President- Colleen L.


on September 26, Futurama the afterschool program will host a freshmen festival after

school from 3:30 to 5pm

the festival will include music, raffle prizes and different booths

the booths can be club hosted much like food fest but clubs don’t have to sell food

Booths can be information or for recruitments as well

ASB members should help set up for the event but only ASB members that don’t have an academic 6th period class may be excused to leave early from class.


ASB Advisor- Mr.Wing


futurama and Mr.Wing collaborated  together to come up with a Freshmen festival. It’s a new idea to start something a new event to happen at Galileo. It’s not just a fundraising idea but more as a welcome party for freshmen. Colleen Leung ( ASB BVP) meets with freshmen every Thursday in Ms.Laux room to recruit potential officers.


ASB Treasure- Wendy L.


the asb sticker sales by class

Senior 106

Fresh 78

Junior 56

Soph 45

Senior know the importance of an ASB sticker plus seniors are most likely wanting to go to most of the dances. Freshmens get it because of interest and possibility of going to school dances. Junior and Sophomores lose interest in them.


ASB Activities Chairperson – Angel G.


Song and yell will be held on October 3rd. As of right now, the name for the pep rally is undetermined. All activities chairman need to email script or you’ll not be able to have a rehearsal.


ASB Advisor- Mr.Wing


Successful pep rally last friday ( Sept 12th). It was friendly class competition of the balloon stomp game. Good job Angel Gardner and keep up the work.


Senior Class President- Judy Y.


This wednesday (Sept 17th), senior class of 2015 is planning to volunteer at the

Promana kids run volunteer near ATT park. They need 20 volunteers and would get 15 dollars per person.


The class shirt will be ordered this Saturday (Sept 20th). They will be sold for 15 dollars for the song and yell participators and 17 dollars for everyone else. It was 10 dollars to make each shirt.


Junior Class President- Cyrus Q.


Junior class is also volunteering at the children run on wednesday (Sept 17th), they need 15 people as well.


The junior class made 700 dollars from their parking lot fundraiser. They opened Galileo’s teacher parking lot to the public on the weekend of Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival.


Sophomore Business Vice President- Yuyang Z.


Sophomore class is doing the City Trail marathon next Saturday ( Sept 27th). Each volunteer will receive 10 dollars per hour of work.


Clubs and Sports notes

Yuyang wants all clubs and sports team to turn in a Club/Sport form as soon as possible. One can find a form in the ASB office, each form must be completed completely. Clubs that do not fill the form will be discontinued till form is turned in. Club and Sport form are enforced to help increase ASB ticket sales


Meeting Adjourned at 3:46pm.