Executive Student Council Meeting: October 20, 2014

Meeting called to ordered at 3:18 pm.


ASB Advisor- Mr.Wing


For the second year in a row, Galileo’s ASB officers will attend a CADA field trip in November. The field trip is a leadership event that is attended among any high schools. It is filled with different student body idea/improvement classes for each position of office. It is a day of learning new ways to bring up spirit at your school. The  field trip forms are due next monday (Oct. 27th). On the day of the field trip, all officers will meet in front of school at 7am and the bus will leave at 7:05. Officers who miss the bus will either have to bart to Union city or pay a 25 dollar fee.


This year Galileo lost one thousand dollars from Homecoming which jeopardizes other future dances like Winter-ball and Boat dance.  We lost $1,000 from homecoming because of low attendance and the expense of the DJ/photobooth was costly. Last year we lost $2,000 but was able to get out of debt because of the Tacolious fundraiser.


ASB Business Vice President- Colleen L.


The night went well. Shout out to all the ASB officers who helped set up after school. Also big thanks to everyone who stayed the night and helped directed or answer any parent’s questions. Overall it was a successful night.


Each ASB officer will be receiving a packet of 16 raffle tickets that they are required to sell. Some officer will sell more than a packet but we’ll talk to those individually later. The raffle ticket money will be split among the classes and asb. The raffle ticket prizes are for each class meaning there will be four letterman jacket winners, yearbook winners and Winter Ball ticket winners. Remember to keep the ticket and not give it to them after you sell it. The ticket will be then placed in box for it to later be drawn on G-house TV on Nov 6 (Thursday). Remember to fill out every section of the ticket.


There is still two empty positions for Freshmen Office. Please encourage freshmen students to run for a secretary position.


In the celebration of the Giants making it to the World Series, we encourage everyone to wear Giants apparel on friday (Oct. 24th). Also the pep rally will be baseball themed. Rebecca will be leading the beach baseball pep rally on Friday.


SAC – Gavin C.


If you would like free muni transportation after you are eighteen, please fill out the online survey. The online survey also continues free muni transportation for the youth.


Junior Class


We made 250 dollars at food fest. We had to purchase a new tank (for the grill?) and we had to clean the grill.


Sophomore Class


We made $25. On top of that ice cream should never be sold again at food fest, it does not meet the health standards.


Sophomore Business Vice President- Yuyang Z.


This Saturday (Oct. 25th) there will be a high school fair at John O’connell from 9:30am to 2pm. We would like as many ASB officers to attend or at least drop by. JROTC members will be there as well as a few Galileo staff members.


ASB Advisor- Mr. Wing


Google wants to a partnership with Galileo which means there could be more pathway classes at Galileo.


ASB will be having more fundraisers at Tacolious on Mondays. This means that every monday, ASB will get 15 percent of Tacolious profit. The money will go towards ASB. It will also help the senior class of that year with Prom and graduation cost. Please spread the word about Tacolious.

Meeting adjourned at 3:41 pm.