Executive Student Council Meeting: October 6, 2014

Meeting called to ordered at 3:23 pm.


ASB President- Rebecca B.


I have recently decided to create agenda papers to pass out during every ECM. Agenda papers will make meetings more efficient and organized. If you want anything that you want to announce during ECM, you may contact Rebecca Borja, anytime of the week. Every agenda is printed out on mondays.


There seems to be more cons than pros but overall song and yell was still fun and many people had a great time despite the heat and technical difficulties.

PROS: everyone’s skit was very good and entertaining

CONS: the technical speaker and music problems, the heat in general, the confusion

The ways to improve next year’s song and yell, there should be a second agenda for when the first agenda doesn’t work (Yu Yang suggestions) . There should be tents on the field for the seniors and other people to have shade and a mega phone for when the microphone doesn’t work (Teresa Lam suggestion).


All ASB officers are required to help set up after school. ASB officers should also being wearing galileo gear as well as their block G. Students will be able to get their report cards at the Vaness gym at the end of the night. Some ASB officers will help serve the teacher’s their dinner which is chicken wings, mix vegetables and a bag of chips.


Homecoming was a very big success but spirit week was a downer.

Homecoming Pros: the free photobooth, good DJ music and fun light effects. Homecoming Cons: hardly anyone showed up to set up after school creating a new rule that if  you don’t set up, you’ll have to pay full price for your ticket.

Spirit week Cons: Lack of spirit of the school even within ASB officers. All officers should be involved with spirit week because we represent the school.


Food fest proposal forms are due this Friday at the ASB office (Oct. 10th). Please remember to fill out three options if one is already taken you’d have a back up.


The PTSA asks of ASB to create them a wishlist of things we’d like to have. It can range from big price items to small price items. Things ASB is considering to ask for is cash to pay for class sponsors. Class sponsors never get paid but they do a lot for their class so a stem of any kind would be nice. We can ask for computers or new vending machines. Come talk to R. Borja if you have any suggestions.

MR.WING’s Birthday is this Friday on Oct. 10th.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.