Executive Student Council Meeting: September 22, 2014

Meeting called to ordered at 3:23 pm


Futurama- N. Ledoux


Galileo will host their first freshmen welcoming event this friday (Sept 26). It will be much like a carnival style with a mixture of a club day and food fest event. Dj club will also be there providing music. This event is held for upperclassmen to know the freshmen and for freshmen to explore the different options of clubs and sports. The freshmen may wear a wristband or sticker because it would be an easier way of identifying them. Futurama is also looking for ASB help to set up and clean up. People who are not in core classes should help out and other ASB members shall just help clean up at 5pm. Futurama is planning to make more flyers to post around the school and posters to make aware of this new event.


ASB Advisor- Mr.Wing


Song and yell is coming close but Galileo needs to figure a system that will help move 2,000 students to the yard. We are faced with this problem because there is no more homeroom. As of right now the plan is to dismiss students by floor level, which means first floor will go out first then second floor and continued till everyone is on the field. When the certain floor level classes reach to the field, students will disburse into their grade sections. Each sections will be labeled for students to see.

The event order of the  Song and Yell contest

Event #1 Fight Song

Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen

Event #2 Lion’s Whisper

Juniors, Sophomores, Seniors, Freshmen

Event #3 Skits

Sophomore, Seniors, Juniors, Freshmen

Event #4 Big G

Junior, Sophomore, Freshman, Senior

We no longer do the Galileo Hymn because students have a hard time singing it and it sounds like jiberish through the microphone.

Get your class to buy more ASB stickers, it helps in class points.


ASB President- Rebecca B.


Are there any more food fest submission. Please turn them in as soon as possible and

forms are self written. The template is posted outside the ASB store. Please stay within

the nutrition standards. If you are unsure , ask the nurse if your food meets the standards.


Homecoming dance is coming up which means homecoming court is open for candidates. One must turn their form in by Sept 25th (thursday) and with the form one should have a picture of themselves attached to your form. The tickets are currently being sold during lunch and afterschool.


ASB Business Vice President- Colleen L.


All ASB officers are encouraged to either help set up or clean up with Futurama.


Last year, ASB held a penny war event for each class. A penny war is when each class competes against each other to bring in the most pennies. This event would last for about couple weeks. Last year, all four classes helped raised about five hundred dollars for the Philippines disaster aid fund. This year we plan to donate all the class pennies to UCSF cancer research foundation in honor of Child cancer awareness month.


ASB Activities- Angel G.


This friday’s pep rally (Sept.26th) is going to be a tricycle relay event. It is one of the most popular types of rally. The rally needs 4 guys and 4 girls per grade; it is best to pick the smaller students to do this rally because they would fit the tricycle better. The person must be under 150 pounds.


Spirit week is next week (Sept 29-Oct 3). Posters and flyers shall be hung up soon around the school.

Monday: Disney day

Tuesday: Superhero vs. Villain day

Wednesday: College sweatshirt day

Thursday: Movie genre day

Friday: Galileo pride day


Colleen L.- In the future, we should not have a disney day because it is an overused spirit week day. To prevent this from happening, there should be back up ideas. There should also be a vote before projecting it and setting it as final. This is for future references.


Yuyang Z.- Remind clubs to turn in club forms as soon as possible.


Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm.