Executive Student Council Meeting: September 29, 2014

Meeting called to ordered at 3:19pm  

ASB Social Vice President- Maria S.


There is only person running for homecoming court. So please encourage more people to run or classes may have to start nominating people from their class pep club. There is a position spot for every grade: King and Queen (Seniors), Princess and Prince (Juniors), Dutch and Duke (Sophomore) and Baron and Baroness (Freshmen).


ASB Advisor- Mr.Wing


Jrotc only has two people left on the Saber team. The Saber team are the people who make the arch with their swords. However they are training a few more RO students to do the sword arch. We have also found a singer to sing the National Anthem during Song and Yell.


Google wants to adopt Galileo to help provide us with better technology equipment. They also are planning to start new pathways at Galileo for people interested in technology.


ASB Historian- Bonnie J.


Class historians have two weeks to update their class’s display case.


ASB Activities- Angel G.


Remember ASB officers should always be showing school spirit. We represent the school thus meaning we should have the most spirit. Students and teachers look up to us to be role models.


We need to build up homecoming spirit because of the low homecoming ticket sales. The first dance should hype up everyone else for the other dances.


SAC – Gavin C.


Take an online survey for free to help continue free youth muni passes. If there isn’t enough responses, muni may cancel the free youth passes

Meeting adjourned at 3:35pm