Notice & Agenda: Committee-of-the-Whole – August 10

Notice and Agenda

Meeting of Student Leadership

of Galileo Academy of Science & Technology

As A Committee-of-the-Whole

Notice Date: July 15, 2015


There will be a Meeting of Galileo Academy Student Leadership, consists of the

Executive Student Council and Student Board of Commissioners of Galileo Academy

of Science & Technology, as a Committee-of-the-whole, on Monday, August 10, 2015,

at 10:00 am, in Room 361, Galileo Academy, to discuss the following matter of business:


Order of Business

A. Address to the Committee-of-the-Whole

  1. President’s Address by President K. Teddy Wong
  2. Introduction of Elected Officers
  3. Administration Welcome Message by Principal Michael J. Reimer, Ed.D.
  4. Freshmen Orientation Planning and Operation Overview by Assistant Principal Stephen Emmi
  5. Budget Introduction by Advisor Eugene Wing and Treasurers
  6. Introduction of Activities Calendar by Officer Yuyang Zhong
  7. Introduction to School Dances
  8. Discussion on 70th Song & Yell Contest
  9. Update on Club System Project by Officer Yuyang Zhong
  10. Introduction to the Student Senate: Homeroom Presidents by Advisor Eugene Wing
  11. Planning Overview of Pep Rallies and Class of the Year Competition by Officer Solangel Rostran
  12. Requirements
  13. Purchase ASB Stickers, overseen by Officer Sean K. Wong

B. Leadership Curriculum by Advisor Eugene Wing and Officer Yuyang Zhong

  1. What would a leader do?
  2. The Art of Fundraising
  3. Prom Timeline



General Operation Officer of Student Leadership and

Corresponding Secretary of Associated Student Body