Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting: August 10, 2015

ASB and class officers introduced themselves to Mr. Reimer

Mr. Wing- Talked about Nicholas Tom

Welcome message by principal


Meeting called to order at 10:42 by Yuyang, ASB Business Vice President

Yuyang- entering co-curricular period called leadership period, more to come at ECM on Monday. Academic credit received. New Technology at Galileo, Reimer pushing for new Wifi. Guest speaker, Sandra Lee Fewer at orientation.

Yuyang- Freshmen orientation rundown. Depends on assignment and time to be present at school. Reg staff come at 7:30-8. Food service come around 11. 8-8:50, students check in at courtyard. 8:50, all go to auditorium. ASB officers talk about Gal on stage. After assembly, freshman go out to courtyard and meet with their homeroom groups. 5 workshops. lunch for students starts at 12:20, parents at 12. Staff get class schedule at room 210.

Mr. Wing- Leadership gets new lanyards that say leadership so staff can identify us in hall and not stop us. Wear Galileo apparel, and BlockG on Friday.

Yuyang- photoshoot on Wednesday with Mr. Schnitzer if you can’t come on Wed. Picture’s must be taken this week so ID’s can be printed by Friday. Yuyangs not going to be in school tomorrow, look for Michelle.

Mr. Wing- ASB officers needed at faculty meeting tomorrow at 8 a.m. Wednesday, ASB officers needed at 8am, introduce ourselves and say our role. Wear Galileo apparel.

Yuyang- Class budget May 28, C/o 2016, 5428, with 1500 in checks, start year with 6918.

C/o 2017, 6936.15 expecting 2500, start with 9436.15. C/O 2018, ending 838.41, expecting 1500, start with 2338.41.  ASB 21805.98

Wing- Seniors have hard time paying for Prom and Graduation. Parents think school pays for everything. Parents are surprised that students have to pay. Last year cost 40,000. Share with Lowell and Lincoln. This year, gone up to 45000, now it costs 15000.

Mr. Heringer – introduction. New assistant principal of school operations. Taught at Balboa, then Leadership, took a year off, then came back to Balboa. Yuyang gave him lanyard. Office at 211.

Mr. Wing- Welcome assembly Friday 8/28. ROTC people, talk to commander about drum corp. Mr. Wing asks “Do we have cheerleaders?”

Joyce- no cheerleading coach

Wr. Wing- We’re going to wing it. officers going to lead in songs. Mr. Machtay going to show 3 minute show about Gal. Motivation speaker: Kelly Starrett. He’s going to talk about students and their health. Coming back with homeroom, department heads decided on it. Teachers had problems distributing information. Major problems was students were cutting homeroom. Going to bring back homeroom president. Homeroom president will represent homeroom students and assist teacher with lunch forms, sports, be a liaison with council. assist hr teacher on turning on and off ghouse tv. They have to try to keep students to pay attention. Gal spent couple of million of dollars on TVs. Meeting with them twice a month, wed, thur, afterschool 15-20 mins. we need to do a better job of communicating.

Mr. Wing- homecoming dance 10/2 hyatt at fisherman’s wharf. Boat dance 3/12, we’re not invited back to red and white fleet. Blue and Gold did renovations, cheaper now. Prom at intercontinental.

Yuyang- If junior class wants a last dance they should talk to Mr. Reimer and Mr. Heringer. Ms. Lambert’s gone.

Mr. Wing- what class competitions do we have in mind. (Sol)

Sol- kickball game between classes, kickball and baseball.

Mr. Wing- usually have a relay race with a balloon. August 21, first pep rally, balloon relay.

Yuyang- Song and yell, same day as homecoming. battle of the artists. Last May we decided on three, now we have to finalize. Skits due Sep. 18. 4 mins limit per each skit. Ashley in charge of homecoming court. Petitions out sep. 18.

Mr. Wing- Student store. Mr. Roman wants it scheduled differently with senior class. Last year juniors did it on wed. Class meeting continuing to be on tuesday. Want to switch to seniors doing it Wed. ASB has to cover Monday and Friday. Sean in charge of stocking up with other treasures. We have to stock up after the meeting. Officers and friends taking snacks for free. Usually before he leaves, snacks are filled, but when he comes in the morning, snacks are missing with no money. ASB doesn’t have as much money as people think, most of it was from donations for the marque. We’re going to have a mural outside the auditorium, painted by Bill weber. Mr. Fong planning to get 5000 from ptsa and Gal alumni association. He uses his own money to buy snacks and drinks.

Yuyang- Club form out asap so clubs can get going. Clubs and sports are going to get recognized by asb, presidents and captains need to buy asb sticker. School store: Monday asb, tuesday junior, wen soph, thur senior, fri, asb. NO NON-OFFICERS IN STORE. Deans will be called. Visitor passes will be given if they need to be in there. Sean is store manager, has a key to money box. Officers new ID’s visible in store. ECM every Monday at 153 at 3:15. If can’t make meeting fill in absence excuse note. Any special meetings will be told in advance.

Yuyang- assignment due date extended to 8pm tonight. Start officer journal/weekly report  due every friday at 4pm. Check galileoweb regularly.


Meeting adjourned at 11:46 am.