ASB Stickers

For $5, you can support events that happen around the school like: school dances (up to $10 off your ticket!), assemblies, pep rallies, recognition awards, food festivals, spirit week, freshman orientation, the school newspaper and yearbook, as well as teacher and staff appreciation activities.

In addition, students with ASB stickers will receive discounts on the yearbook, as well as certain purchases made at the student store. This includes tickets to dances. Purchase one at the ASB store during lunch or afterschool.

As a holder of ASB sticker, you will be qualified to purchase with discount on drinks or snacks on selected Fridays, during the “TGIF – Thank Goodness It’s Friday” sale. Selected items will be sold for $0.50 (snacks) or $1 (drinks)

ASB sticker qualifies you to run for office in the Student government, or become an officer/captain/manager at a student organization (club/team)..


Get an ASB Sticker NOW! 

Available in ASB Store 150.