Student Board of Commissioners & Executive Offices

Ther Student Board of Commissioners (SBC) is composed of appointive student commissioners who will assist the overall operation of student government, in forms of committees.


The ASB Executive Offices are the executive branch of the student body of Galileo Academy of Science and Technology. It is composed of ASB Executive Cabinet and various Executive Offices.


Student Board of Commissioners (Appointive Executive Assistant):

Chairperson: David Z., Social Vice President

Commissioners: Kobe L., Ria Janelle Q.


1. Executive Cabinet

Mr. E. Wing, Yuyang Z., Maggie Y., David Z., Jessica H.


2. Office of Store Management

Store Manager: Jessica H.


3. Office of Election and Awards

Christopher L., Amy H.


4. Office of Freshmen Affairs

Student Activities Advisor: Maggie Y.

Freshmen Class Sponsor: Mr. E. Roth, Ms. J. Wong


5. Office of Events and Assemblies

Events and Assemblies: Yuyang Z.

Commissioner: Kobe L.


6. Office of Rallies, Dances and School Spirit

Activities and Rallies: Joyce L.

School Spirit and Publicity: Diana F.

Commissioners: Ria Janelle Q.


7. Office of Information and Technology Support

Webmaster: Yuyang Z.


8. Office of Social Media and Public Relations

Social Media Manager: Roalla T.

Public Relation and Community Outreach: Yuyang Z.


9. Office of Treasury

Senior Activity Budget Chair: Julian H.

Treasury Executive: Jessica H.


10. Office of Club and Organization Management

Student Organization System Project Chief: Yuyang Z.

Management: Christopher L.


11. Office of Academic Support

Officer: Yuyang Z.


12. Office of Community Outreach


Liaison to Yearbook: Yuyang Z., Roalla T.

Liaison to Journalism: David Z.