Student Orgs (Clubs)

Galileo has over 40 Clubs and Sport Teams which provide you various way to GET INVOLVED! Join a club or team now!

*Student Organization: Clubs, Sport Teams, and other Student Supportive Programs

Student Organizations are manage by the Club System Management Project started by Executive Office of Club Management of Associated Student Body in the year of 2014.

List of Registered Club and Sport Teams 2014-2015

Organization Name Meet Day and Time Meet Room Sponsor
Adpot-An-Alleyway Empowerment Project 1st & 4th Friday @4:30 655 Clay St. Wing, E
American Red Cross Monday @Lunch 255 Juan, J
Anime Club Wednesday @Lunch 316 Borrelli, B
Aquarium Club Thursday Afterschool 403 Chinn, C
Arab Culture Club Wednesday @Lunch 461 Lynch, D & Borrelli, B
Baking Club Monday @Lunch 317 Jung, M
Black Student Union 1st Friday @Lunch 263 Harron-Lane, T & Hardee,S
Bridge Club Wednesday Afterschool 312 Borrelli, B
Chess Club Thursday @Lunch 463 Seligson, W
Chinese Culture Club Friday @Lunch 353 Tong, G
Christian Club Wednesday @Lunch 317 Jung, M
Cooking Club Friday Afterschool 214 McDonagh, M
Create It Yourself Wednesday @Lunch 359 Loy, J
Cross Country Everyday Afterschool SBG Winterling, E & Adams, K
Fencing Friday Afterschool 414 Ly, L
Fitness Club Tuesday @Lunch 153 Liang, K
Freshmen Pep Club Wednesday @Lunch 412 Laux, B
Gay Straight Allience Friday @Lunch 465 Mendribil, K
Girls Flag Football TBA TBA Harper, D
Girls Tennis Everyday Afterschool Alice Marble Tennis Court Papa, D
Heart In Motion 1st Friday @Lunch 458 Meyers, R
JROTC Drum Crops Tuesday to Thursday Afterschool 157 Hardee, S
JROTC Exhibiton Drill Team Everyday Afterschool 157 Hardee, S
Junior Pep Club Tuesday @Lunch 256 Roman, M & Taylor, J
Key Club Monday Afterschool 203 Gates, C
Korean Club Monday @Lunch 203 Gates, C
Latino Club Thursday @Lunch 466 Sheppeck, A
Lion Dance ME Friday Afterschool DS Futurama
Nature Buddies Friday @Lunch 357 Franzen, L
Senior Pep Club Monday @Lunch 401 Rivera, J & Harris, M
Sophmore Pep Club Tuesday @Lunch 316 Borrelli, B
Tech/Robotics Club Thursday Afterschool 102 Tan, D
Yoga Club Tuesday @Lunch 354 Tang, C
Youth for Community Engagement: Red Cross Tuesday & Thrusday @Lunch 314 Wai, J


List of Unregistered/Pending Student Organizations

Boys Volleyball
Debate Club
Environmental Awareness Club
Filipino Club
Galileo Celestial Dragonboat
Glee Club
League of Legends Club
Political Discourse Club
Samoan Club
Service Interact
Student Court
Surf & Safari Club

Student Supportive Programs
Futurama: Afterschool Program Room 119
SummerFunD: Talent Search Program Room 458A
AACE Upward Bound/AACE Talent Search: College Prep. Room 258
Wellness Center: Room 151
Galileo Connection: Family Communication Center Room 209


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