ATTENTION TO ALL CLUB OFFICERS: ASB is now working with Galileo Connection to update Club System Information. Therefore ALL current clubs are required to fill in the new club form with new information. All club officers must purchase an ASB sticker to support funding of student activities. The form will be available everyday affterschool in the ASB Office 150 and also at the ECM every Monday afterschool in Room 153. This form could also be used as new club application.

Instruction for current club:
Make sure every officers have a valid ASB sticker number. Positions do not need to be exactly the same as the ones provided in Introduction. Sponsor and Club representative signature on the second page. Turn in the form to ASB Office 150 before Friday, October 17. Your club will be automatically removed on the club list if we do not receive your form after the deadline.

NOTE: All club representatives must attend the Executive Council Meetings at least 1 Monday in a month afterschool in Room 153. 

Lists of Clubs at Galileo Academy, 2013-2014 School Year


Room #

Day of Meeting


Adopt   An Alleyway N/A First   Fridays of every Month @ 777 Broadway St., 1st floor Community Room @ 4:30 –   6:00PM Ms.   Chan
Anime/Manga   Club 316 Wednesday   @ Lunch Mr.   Borrelli
Aquarium   Club 403 Thursday   Afterschool Mr.Chinn
Black   Student Union 119 1st   and 3rd Fridays @ Lunch Mr.   Harper, Ms. Lane, & Sgt. Hardee
Boys   Volleyball Club Bay St.   Gym Everyday   afterschool Mr.   Huynh
Breakingdancing 119 TBA Futurama
Bridge   Club 316 Wednesday   @ 2:05 – 4:30 PM Mr.   Borrelli
BuildOn 119 Wednesday Ms.   Alacon
Chess   Club 463 Wednesday   @ Lunch Mr.   Seligson
Chinese   Culture Club 353 Friday   @ Lunch Mr.   Tong & Ms. Lee
Christian   Club 317 Wednesday   @ Lunch Mr.   Jung
Debate   Club TBA TBA Ms.   Barett
Desi   Club TBA TBA TBA
Development   Institute for Youth (DIY) 359 Thursday   afterschool Ms.   Garcia
Drama   Club 303 Everyday   afterschool Ms.   Peters
Environmental   Awareness Club TBA TBA Ms.   Franzen
Fencing   ClubFilpino Club 414/412 Friday @afterschool   / Monday @ Lunch Ms   .LyMs. Caparas
Fitness   Club Dance   Studio Friday   afterschool Ms.   Liang
Freshmen   Pep Club 316 Tuesday   @ Lunch Mr.   Borrelli
Futurama 119 Monday   – Friday @ 3:05 – 6:05 PM Mr.   Ledoux & Ms. Medina
Galileo Bboy Club Dance Studio/Auditorium Wednesday and Fridays afterschool Aileen (Futurama)
Galileo   Dragonboat (GCD) 153 Thursdays   @ Lunch Ms.   Liang
Galileo   JROTC Drill Team 157 Everyday   afterschool Sgt.   Hardee
Galileo   JRTOC Silent Drill Team 157 Everyday   afterschool Sgt.   Hardee
Galileo   Robotics 308/102 Wednesday   afterschool Mr.   Barrios & Ms. Gamm
Gay   Straight Alliance (GSA) 303 Wednesday   @ Lunch Ms.   Peters & Mr. Barbour
Galileo   Soccer Team Club Field Everday   @ Lunch Mr.   Hasan
Glee   Club 455 Friday   @ Lunch Ms.   Green
Heart   In Motion 458 Every   first Friday of the month @ lunch Ms.   Meyers
Junior   Pep Club 401 Tuesday   @ Lunch Ms.   Harris & Mr. Rivera
Korean   Club 203 Monday   @ Lunch Ms.   Gates
Latino   Club 466 Tuesday   and Fridays @ Lunch Ms.   Alicia & Ms. Laux
League   of Legends Club 102 Monday   afterschool Mr. Tan
LionDance   ME 451 Thursday   @ 2:45 Mr. Lee
Miniature   Club 461 Thursday   afterschool Ms. Ung
Ping-Pong   Club Fitness   Lab Wednesday   @ Lunch Mr.Winterling
Pendulum   Club 451 4th   period Mr. Lee   & Mr. Huynh
Political   Discourse Club 460 Monday   @ Lunch Ms.   Barrett
Red   Cross Club 255 Mondays   @ Lunch Ms.   Juan
Samoan   Club 102A Wednesday   & Thursday afterschool Ms.Alareon
Senior   Pep Club 312 Wednesday   @ Lunch Mr.   Smith, Ms. O’Conner, & Ms. Gamm
Service   Interact Club 310 Wednesday   @ Lunch Mr.   Elizarde & Ms. Grenell
Sophomore   Pep Club 256 Wednesday   @ Lunch Mr.   Roman & Mr. Taylor
Stage   Crew 555/Auditorium TBA Mr.Taylor
Student   Court 263 Monday   @ Lunch Mr.   Papa
SummerFunD 458A Tuesdays   & Friday afterschool Ms.   Kornblith
Surf   &Safari Club TBA TBA Mr.   Page
Tech   Club 102 TBA Mr.Tan
Ultimate   Frisbee 315 Thursday   @ Lunch Ms.   Harris
YCE   Club 314 Thursday   @ Lunch Ms. Wai
Yoga   Club 354 Wednesday   @ 12:00 PM Ms.   Tang
Youtube   Social Media Club 465 Thursday   @ Lunch Mr.   Mendribil


Does your club contain an error? Is your club not posted? Drop by the ASB office or email the webmaster here