Associated Student Body


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

Revised by the Executive Cabinet 1979 & 1986,

the Leadership Class of 1999, the Executive Council of 2003, 2004 and 2014.

Article I – Name and Purpose

Section I – Title

The name of this organization shall be the Associated Student Body (ASB).

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Section II – Purpose

The purpose of this Associated Student Body shall be to regulate and promote all student activities, which exist for the students of Galileo Academy of Science and Technology.

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Article II – Officers

Section I – Elective Executive Offices

The elective officers of this association shall be a President, Business Vice President, Social Vice President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Historian, Commissioner of Activities and Rallies, and Student Advisory Council Representative. These officers shall make up the Associated Student Body.

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Section II – Eligibility of Officers

Any student may become a candidate for office whose candidacy has been approved by the principal or either dean, if the case may apply, current subject teachers, and the Associated Student Body Advisor(s). Petitions shall be required of all candidates. Unsatisfactory citizenship as determined by one of the dean is not acceptable for any student running for and holding office. A 2.0 grade point average (“GPA”) in the previous semester is required of any candidate running for office. If a student transfers from another school the same requirement will apply. The grade point average will be determined by the four-point system which gives the “A” four points, the “B” three points, the “C” two points, the “D” one point, and the “F” zero point. Advanced Placement (“A.P.”) and Honors Courses will not receive the extra points. No officers may be engaged in any job or activity which if the opinion of the advisor(s) or the administration will result in a conflict of interest. If such a conflict occurs, the advisor(s) and the highest-ranking uninvolved Associated Student Body officer shall report this situation to the Executive Council. Once conflict is established, the officer shall resign.

(A) No student shall be eligible for the Office of President of this association unless he or she is a full standing senior at the time set for entering upon the duties of the office. He or she must have been an active member of this association for at least one school year.

(B) Candidate running for office must attend all meetings with the current officers to familiarize themselves with the operational procedures.

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Section III – Election of Executive Officers

Each year, on the date set by the Principal and the Associated Student Body Advisor(s), Associated Student Body executive officers shall be elected. All election shall be held by authorized secret ballot and will be in accordance with the following procedures:

An election assembly shall take place during a designated period on another day prior to the dates set for the executive officers’ election. The following day, balloting will be conducted during the designed period. Election officers or designated student will individually pass put ballots to the designated period class. No absentee voting will be allowed. Student will vote for one candidate for each office. After students have voted, election workers shall collect ballots individually with assistance of the teacher. Ballot shall be placed in envelops which shall be sealed immediately. Election workers and the teacher shall sign the envelope(s). If both the election workers and the teacher(s) agree that the procedure has been carried out properly, then the election workers shall return all sealed envelopes to a room designed by the Principal and the Associated Student Body Advisor(s) for tallying. Only election worker and designated faculty members are allowed to be present during the tallying process.

Any candidate receiving a majority of all votes cast for that office will be declared the winner. If no candidate receives such a majority (fifty-one present of all people participating in the election), then the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes for that officer shall be certified to a run-off election, called within five days. A final tie vote in the run-off election shall be decided by a majority of ballots by the Executive Council. All winners shall be announced following the election. Any request for a recount shall be made within five days of the election.

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Section IV – General Duties of Executive Officers

The President (School Site Council) shall be the chief executive of the association. The President shall preside over all rallies, assemblies, and the Executive Council. The President shall see that the constitution and its laws are enforced. The President shall be in charge of student association activities, regulated and planned by the cabinet. In the absence of the President, the cabinet shall appoint one of the Vice President to assume the responsibility of the President. He or she shall serve on the School Site Council.

The Business Vice President (School Site Council) shall assist the President for the successful conduct of the association. As Vice President, he or she shall be made Student Activities Advisor for the incoming freshmen class. He or she shall assist the incoming class in their decision-marking, promote class spirit and plan activities. This officer shall assist the Social Vice President with other responsibilities. This officer may serve as President in case a vacancy arises. This officer shall serve on alternate student seats at School Site Council.

The Social Vice President shall assist the President for the successful conduct of the association. He or she shall be in charge of accommodating of official visitors to the school and planning public appearances of any type necessary for the executive officers. He or she shall be the liaison to the groups promoting school dances. This officer shall assist the other Vice President with other responsibilities. This officer may serve as President in case a vacancy arises.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the sale of ASB strikers or the equivalent, if changes are made, and for the budget of the student body funds through the Associated Student Body General Fund. This officer shall be in charge of the Student Body Association funds, sales and collection and be subject to the rules and regulation of the San Francisco Unified School District. The Treasure shall also submit a financial report including all income and expenditures to the Executive Council at each Executive Council meeting.

The Recording Secretary shall be in charge of the minutes of the Executive Council meetings. This officer shall duplicate and distribute to all Executive Council members necessary memoranda. This officer shall also tack accurate account of the attendance in the votes of these bodies. A copy of the minutes shall be forward to the administration.

The Corresponding Secretary shall undertake all necessary correspondent of student body in representation of the Associated Student Body Association.

The Historian will be responsible of maintaining a scrapbook to document school-related activities. He or she shall be responsible for assisting in publicizing all Student Body Activities. This officer shall also be in charge of keeping the main bulletin board attractive and informative. The Historian shall also be responsible for the supplies of the Association.

The Commissioner of Activities and Rallies shall coordinate rallies, noontime activities, assemblies, and the Class of the Year Competition in collaboration with the Executive council.

The Student Body Advisory Council Representative (School Site Council) shall attend all District Student Advisor Council meetings as an active participant. He or she shall report the proceedings of the meetings of the District Student Advisor Council to the Executive Council. He or she shall chair the election assembly and be a member of the School Site Council.

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Section V – Oath for ASB Officers

All newly elected executive officers of the association shall take the Oath assuming their position and duties during the Move-Up Assembly. The Principal and the Associated Student Body Advisor(s) shall determine the date of the assembly.

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Section VI – Terms of Office

All Associated Student Body officers shall serve for one school year.

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Section VII – Removal from office

Any executive officer may be removed from the office upon the recommendation of the Associated Student Body Advisor(s) and by two-third vote of the Executive Council, or by order of the Principal. In case of a vacancy of a student association office, the Executive Council shall nominate and elect a replacement within two weeks. However, should the President of this Association be recalled or his/her office become vacant, one of the Vice President shall be appointed by two-third vote of the executive Council.

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Article III – Executive Council

Section I – Members of the Executive Council

The Executive Council consists of the following:

  1. Executive officers;
  2. Class officers;
  3. Appointive Commissioners and Liaison
  4. Pendulum Editor-In-Chief;
  5. Telescope Editor-In-Chief;
  6. School Webmaster;
  7. President or representative(s) from each club or organizations.

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Section II – Appointed Executive Assistant

The Executive Council should have the power to appoint qualified person to assist in the operation of the student government.

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Section III – Meetings

The Executive Council shall hold regular meeting. A majority of the members of the Executive Council shall constitute a quorum and is required to conduct a meeting.

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Section IV – Requirements

The Executive Council is required:

  1. To represent and promote school activities;
  2. To have each member purchase an ASB sticker;
  3. To approve all incomes, expenditures, and checks to be issued.

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Section V – Meeting Procedures

The Executive Council shall adhere to the Parliamentary Procedure given by the Advisor(s).

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Article IV – Changes to the Constitution

Section I – Amending Process

This constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote of the Executive Council and shall take effect the following school year.

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Section II – Revocation of the Constitution

This Constitution and any of its provisions may be revoked by the Principal, in conference with the Association Student Body officers or set aside by them at any time.

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Article V – Class/Club Sponsors

Section I – Class and Club Sponsors and Associated Student Body Advisor(s)

Each class and/or club at Galileo Academy of Science & Technology shall have at least one of faculty member as its sponsor. The Principal shall be determining the eligibility of the Sponsor/Advisor.

Each club Sponsor shall be responsible for the officers that will be created under his or her advisory.

Associated Student Body Business Vice President shall serve as the Freshmen Student Activities Advisor. He/she may request to appoint executive assistant as Assistant Freshmen Student Activities Advisor in accordance to Article III, Section II.

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Section II – Duties of the Sponsor/Advisor

Each Sponsor/Advisor is responsible for qualification for any office or position of responsibility in a class or a club. The Sponsor/Advisor shall make sure that the officers are maintaining a 2.0 GPA. The Sponsor/Advisor is also responsible for the maintenance, with the Associated Student Body Advisor(s), regarding calendar dates, social events, and all/other club activities. All calendar dates must be approved by the associated Student Body and with consent of the administration. The Sponsor/Advisor shall keep a strict accounting of all finances of the class or club. The accounting shall be with the school accountant. All Sponsors/ Advisors have the responsibility of promoting positive school climate and total school participation.

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Section III – Class and Club Officers

Class and club officers shall be responsible for keeping their Sponsor/Advisor informed of all planned events in order to avoid conflict. Class and club officers shall be responsible for making sure that there is a member present at the Executive Council meetings. Club officer responsibilities shall be determined by each club individually as long as they do not conflict with the Constitution.

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Section IV – General Duties of Class Officers

The President (Junior – School Site Council) shall be the presiding officer for all class and pep club meetings. This officer shall hold regular meeting with the Sponsor/Advisor and officers to plan meetings and activities. The President must prepare agenda for all meetings. He or she must also set goals to raise money and help in developing the budget. The President shall organize fundraisers and special activities like Song and Yell Contest, Spirit week and Class of the Year Competition. The President shall enlist members in the pep club and always be visible and active. The Junior Class President shall serve on School Site Council.

The Business and Social Vice Presidents shall also accept the responsibilities delegated by the President. These officers shall attend all class and pep club meetings. They shall help publicize all activities and take an active part in getting class member involved. One of the Vice President shall assume the President’s duties if he or she is absent.

The Treasurer shall attend all meeting. He or she shall prepare a budget with the approval of the other officers. The Treasurer shall keep a ledger of the class accounts and make regular at all meetings concerning class balance. This officer shall work closely with the Sponsor/Advisor to ensure all money, receipts, deposits, and check requests and all transactions are kept accurately.

The Corresponding Secretary shall attend all meetings. He or she is responsible for all class mail, thank you note, etc. This officer shall assist the Historian to help organize posters and flyers for class project.

The Recording Secretary shall attend all meetings and take accurate minutes. He or she shall type or write all class business, budget, agenda, etc. This shall be kept in a three ring binder or notebook and be passed on to the next year’s officer. This officer shall also distribute minutes from previous meetings.

The Historian will maintain a scrapbook of all class activities and pass it to the Advisor at the spring election assembly. This officer shall be responsible for publicizing class event by preparing posters and flyers. The Historian must attend all meetings.

The Activities Chairperson shall be responsible for organizing class teams for all Class of the Year Competitions. He or she shall assist in helping with the Song and Yell Contest, Spirit Week, and all other fundraising activities. This officer shall attend all meetings.

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Article VI – Amendments

No. 3 – Amendment of “Student Seats on School Site Council”

As approved by the Executive Student Council in May 2014, this amendment made in Article II, Section IV and Article V, Section IV, states that unless otherwise appointed by the Executive Student Council, the Associated Student Body President and Junior Class President shall be serving on School Site Council, in cancellation of such responsibility of Associated Student Body Business Vice President, who will be serving on alternate student seat, and Corresponding Secretary.

Revised May 2014

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