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Coaches: Joe Keough (, room 251) and David Braund (


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2018-19 Results

City Championships canceled due to air quality from Camp Fire
State Competitors: Freya Wehrheim and Maia Piomelli


2018-19 Roster

Alanna LSeniorVarsity
Alex RSophomoreFrosh/Soph
Andy CSeniorVarsity
Benjamin WJuniorVarsity
Benny WJuniorVarsity
Camilla LSophomore
Carmen LFreshmanVarsity
Celine RSeniorVarsity
Chaofu LJunior
Crystal LJuniorManager
Ethan QSophomore
Finn LSophomoreFrosh/Soph
Freya WFreshmanVarsity
Gloria LSophomore
Hayden KFreshmanFrosh/Soph
Henry TJuniorVarsity
Jimmy WJuniorVarsity
Joseph TFreshman
Keyur RSophomoreFrosh/Soph
Lacus LSenior
Lucia HSeniorVarsity
Maia PSophomoreVarsity
Peter CJuniorVarsity
Ryan LJuniorVarsity
Shana GSophomore
Thomas LSophomoreFrosh/Soph
William LSophomore
William ZJunior
Wynee CSeniorVarsity
Zachary CJunior


2017-2018 Lions Cross Country Results

Girls Varsity
2nd place team
Cathy Liang: 4th place All City Finals (20:44.2)
Maia Piomelli: 5th place All City Finals (21:04.3)
Lucia Huang: 10th place All City Finals (22:01.5)

Boys Varsity  
3rd place team
Brian Yu: 10th Place All City Finals (18:10.8)

Boys Frosh/Soph
2nd place team