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Become part of the team!

The Girls Tennis Team has a no cut policy which means try-outs will not be held- you will automatically be part of the team. The main requirement is that you commit from August to October.

• Official practice begins Monday, August 13
• Practice 3:30pm-5:30pm at Alice Marble Courts
• District matches begin at 3:30pm


For more information contact Coach Lautenberger,


2018-19 Varsity Tennis Schedule

Head Coach Janet Lautenberger

Overall Record:  (League  )

Date Day Opponent Place Result
TBA Tuesday Alameda Alameda
Friday Yosemite Fresno Tournament
Friday University Fresno Tournament
Friday East Bakersfield Fresno Tournament
Saturday Delano Fresno Tournament
Saturday Johansen Fresno Tournament
Saturday Clovis B Fresno Tournament
Tuesday ISA Dolores Park
Thursday Lincoln Golden Gate Park
Tuesday St. Ignatius St. Ignatius
Wednesday Wallenberg Golden Gate Park
Friday Washington Washington
Tuesday Lowell Golden Gate Park
Friday Mission Golden Gate Park
Wednesday Balboa Balboa
Wednesday Playoffs Golden Gate Park
Friday Finals Golden Gate Park
Monday All City Golden Gate Park
Tuesday All City Golden Gate Park
Wednesday All City Golden Gate Park
Thursday All City Golden Gate Park
Friday All City Golden Gate Park




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2017-2018 Lady Lions Tennis Results

Head Coaches Janet Lautenberger

Date Match Result
TBA Balboa , Galileo  
Galileo , Lincoln
Washington , Galileo
Galileo , Lowell
I.S.A. , Galileo
Galileo , Wallenberg