8/31/2011 Meeting Minutes


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA  94109

Room 210 at 3:30 P.M.

Location and Time of Meeting


School Site Council Meeting-August 31, 2011

X  Agenda Attached

X  Attendance/sign-in attached

Present:  Marcus Blacksher, Doug Page, Jonathan Ring, Woodraw Smith, David Zeeman, Patrick Delaney, Mele Lau-Smith, Claire Siegel, Jacky Chau, Clarissa Lee, Anna Mai, Karin Lau, Tony Payne, Katie Pringle

Absent (Excused): Nicole Torres

X  Minutes of the previous meeting approved


Decision Made/Issues Reviewed

I.  Call to Order

– J. Ring called the meeting to order at 3:35 pm.  There were eleven elected members present; a quorum was established.  Introductions went around the room.


II.  Approval of 5/11/2011 Meeting Minutes

– Minutes were not available.  The item will be tabled to the 9/15/2011 meeting.


III.  Old Business

1.  Updates on Spring Prelim Budget

– K. Pringle handed out the “District & Schoolsite 2011 A” budget worksheet.  It was a great relief to be given the Scenario A budget allocation, which meant that the school was able to restore all the programs and hire many teachers.  The notable increase was in the World Language department, which added two new teachers, one for Chinese and the other for Spanish.  The Fall Final budget will be given to the site after the 10-day count.  It will likely remain the same as the prelim budget.

– Currently, Galileo has an enrollment of 2,184 and has space for 40 more EL students.

– None of the District staff had gotten back to M. Lau-Smith regarding the letter she’d sent asking for clarifications on three budgetary issues:  1.  Clarification on where the Newcomer funds are accounted for, 2.  Confirmation that the AP funding formula matches the funding formula in the contract per the UBC grievance, and 3.  Rationale for why Galileo is receiving a disproportionate share of the budget shortfall in Scenario B and a greater budget decrease overall than any other school.  Though the content may no longer be relevant since the school received the Scenario A budget allocation, she will press on and resend an updated version.

– P. Delaney had updated the Balanced Scorecard based on the teleconference held on Wednesday, May 18th.  Prior to May 18th, all the site council members were asked to review the BSC and submit any comments to M. Lau-Smith.


2.  Updates on School Programs

– M. Blacksher, principal, was pleased to announce that Galileo had received the Scenario A budget allocation and therefore, the school was able to keep all of its programs, hire many teachers, and fill the AP Curriculum assistant principal position, which is Tony Payne.  These newly hired teachers enabled the school to open up more Chinese and Spanish language classes and advanced placement (AP) classes as well.

– Due to the fact that Galileo has a Newcomer Pathway, the school will continuously receive EL students until the school reaches its capacity.  Right now, there is room for 40 more EL students.  By then, Galileo will be one of the few high schools with a high number of EL students.  The admin needs to assess their impact in test scores and in the enrollment of the general ed classes, i.e. math and science.  Another crucial point is what the school can do to support them throughout their high school years.  Many recently admitted EL students are more fluent in their English proficiency than in the past.  These students start out in the intermediate levels and up.


IV.  New Business

1.  School Data Overview

– T. Payne presented a slide presentation titled “Building on Our Strengths, Galileo High from 2007 to 2011”

2nd slide – Student Ethnic Representation.  It shows a big demographic shift from 2002 to 2010; increase in Chinese to 60.7%, decrease in African American to 5%, decrease in Latino to 10.1%, etc.  What factors caused these shifts?  They could be because more students are attending Galileo from the Sunset/Richmond districts, African American families moving out of the city, Latino families being assigned to other high schools, etc.

3rd slide – Program Participation Profile.  Out of 2,149 enrollees, 23.2% are ELL, 7.4% Special Ed, 54.1% Educational Disadvantaged Youths, 32.9% Gifted and Talented, 54.8% Free Lunch, 12.2 Reduced Lunch.  It is important for families to apply for the free/reduced meal program even though the students don’t eat at school.  The correct percentage can bump up our Academic Performance Index (API), when Galileo is compared authentically to similar schools.

5th slide – CST English Language Arts (ELA):  School Level Trends.  27% of the African American students scored at the proficiency level.

7th slide – CST Math:  School Level Trends.  Galileo is performing well in math; only second to Lowell High School.

10th slide – Achievement Change Schoolwide.  The chart shows the number of students in Far Below Basic, in Below Basic, in Basic, in Proficient, and in Advanced.  Oftentimes, the difference between Basic and Proficient is merely one correct answer.  Since the State doesn’t use a scale score, it doesn’t show the details.

11th and 12th slides – Achievement Change Schoolwide of African American and Latino in ELA.  Since their numbers are so small, the school can identity who these students are and support them.  Department chairs should get access for all the students in Data Director.  The request must come from the principal.

15th slide – Achievement Change Schoolwide of African American in Math.  The chart shows their math scores two years in a row.  The students were tested in Algebra the first year and Geometry the second year.

20th slide – CA High School Exit Exam Requirement Schoolwide.  The chart shows the percentage of 12th grade students, by subgroup, who meet the requirement.  Galileo seniors do very well and have a high passage rate.

– By 2014, all SFUSD graduates will be CSU/UC eligible.  The EL students have a harder time to meet the 4-year English requirement for CSU/UC.  There will be an after-school class designed for the EL students to get caught up with their four years of English.


2.  2011/2012 Meeting Dates

– Here are the revised meeting dates:  Thursday, September 15 (same night as the Back-to-School Night), October 12, 2011, November 9, 2011, December 7, 2011, January 11, 2012, February 8, 2012, March 14, 2012, April 11, 2012, and May 9, 2012.


3.  Addendum Items

– M. Lau-Smith will draft a letter to thank Janet Shultz for her support.

– J. Chau is looking for ten students to be involved in the mayoral elections event. The only requirement is that these students have a flair for local politics.  D. Zeeman suggested that he sends this information to the social studies teachers and asks them for recommendations.  Teachers may give these students extra credits

– The site council would like to formally thank Gayline Tom, the PTSA president, for providing delicious chocolate chips cookies at this meeting.


D. Page moved to adjourn the meeting.  D. Zeeman seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.

Minutes taken and prepared by Karin Lau