Leadership Team Meeting – January 12, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:15am.


Leadership Team


I.            Bell Schedule

–Marcus passed out the “To Do List.”  He also passed out a “2012-2013 Bell Schedule Timeline.” He went over the document.  He discussed the dates that have passed and what is ahead.  Patrick will take the lead on this project.  Students will be involved in the process with a survey in homeroom.  Marcus would like to have the final schedule by February 9th to submit to the district.

–Nancy mentioned that this past fall the incoming 9th grade parents did not know that the bells schedule had changed.


II.            Enrollment

–Marcus said administration will decrease enrollment by 50 students.  This will mean 2.0 – 2.5 FTE reduction in teachers.  He discussed the fact that district enrollment is going down and some schools are in danger of closing.  Last year we had a projection of 2220 students.

–Nancy said we started this year with 2182 and now we are at 2104.

–David asked about the amount of incoming freshmen.  Marcus said we put our general education at 440 and then we get Special Ed. to make around 500.  The 50-student reduction will be in the 9th grade.

–Nancy said we will get 50 – 80 newcomer students.

–Nancy said Feb. 11 is the School Site Summit and that is when we should know our allocation and budget.  This year it will probably be A, B and C for the budgets.


III.            Priorities

–Marcus passed out a draft of the “2012/2013 Priorities Timeline.”

–Marcus asked for feedback on departments discussing the timeline.

–Marcus said the SSC needs this information so we may have to have a special meeting next week.

–Michelle asked how we could offer courses for students to sign up for without knowing what will be cut and what we can offer.

–Nancy said she will distribute the registration material to the members today.  She said that registering for courses is a way to collect data and understand what the courses the students need or want are.  She said that the priorities depend on input from the students.  Spec. Ed and ELD drive the priorities.

–Lauren mentioned that we ask for options from the students for their elective classes.

–David mentioned that we need to have the courses ready to see student issues.

–Group will meet on Tuesday 1/17/12 during 4th period to finish the priority process.

–Nancy passed out a “Spring Master Schedule Timeline.”  She discussed the draft document.  The amount of students is contingent upon the district.

–Nancy distributed the Course Description Draft.  She would like that back by next Thursday.  She also talked about the on-line registration form, as well as the Google form.

–Nancy asked for questions.  Denise wanted to know with the reduction in teachers how will we know home many sections we can have.  Marcus referred to the Priorities and explained how it works.

–Marcus said the academies and pathways are protected as we are an Academy of Science & Technology.

–Nancy distributed the Course Selection Sheets.  She discussed additions, etc.  She has forms for each class—10, 11, and 12.  Nancy discussed the registration process online.

–She is using course numbers for .6 classes, as they are now general ed.  The .6 classes are now the old .8 classes.  There are no .S and .C classes now.

–Nancy said there is another sheet that has languages and electives. Nancy said this is posted on the web site.

–Marcus asked how parents see this.  Nancy said it is on the website on each counselor’s website.

–David talked about the balance when some classes are listed on the website and others are on the paper course selection sheet.

–Ben suggested all the information be in one place and wondered why there are paper descriptions.  He felt all the information should be on the website.  He thinks by selectively printing courses on the paper this is influencing students about which courses to take.

–Marti asked about electives and mentioned specific courses in her department that are not listed as electives.  Nancy said if these courses are listed as electives, with the Excel sort, the Math classes would be listed as electives.

–Ben suggested listing electives by department.

-Please give Nancy any edits by next Thursday.  Nancy prefers email responses.  It is OK to give her a hard copy.

–Nancy said teachers should let students know what their next class in the subject area will be.  She distributed a form. There are some changes from how we did this in the past.  This should help students know what they should be taking.

–David asked if we could separate the electives by department.

–Nancy mentioned a document that has every course listed for each department.  David asked which document the counselors prefer.

–Joseph asked that electives be added to the Student Course Worksheet.  Ray asked that .71 and .72 classes be added.

–Katie suggested rearranging the document as the A – G requirements.  Lauren said it gets tricky and she gave the example of American Democracy and where it is listed.

IV.            BSC Working Groups

–Tony discussed how the SSC is working on the BSC and would like to have members of the Leadership Team and other stakeholders to be part of the SSC discussion on the BSC.  Tony encouraged everyone to come.  This will involve the direction of the school, what do we know, what data do we have, etc.

–Stan mentioned that there would be 4 meetings and those interested should commit to all 4 meetings.  David suggested we keep WASC in mind.


V.            Open House

–Karin said the date would change as Wed. March 21 would not work.  Karin said it would be the same format as last year—one program for our current students and one program for the incoming 9th graders.

–Karin indicated that combining the two into one evening brought more people.

–Michelle said the 8th graders are mostly interested in the Scavenger Hunt, which should be run by students.  Michelle said her teachers did not have the opportunity to talk to the students and parents.

–This topic will be tabled until the next meeting.

–Joseph discussed the past when we had big attendance in the fall when we gave out the report cards.


VI.            Feedback from Emergency Drills

–Marcus thanked everyone and said all the drills went very well.  He liked that everyone was on the field.

–Ray felt all classrooms should have a diagram in the room where the class meets on the field.  This diagram should be posted by the door in every classroom.

–Denise said her students were engaged in conversations and could not hear the lock down instructions.  Also the Polk Street Gate is a problem for entering and exiting the field.  She also asked if teachers are supposed to bring their first aid kits.  This should be for all drills.  She also asked about student attendance strips, particularly those who are do not come to the field.  She mentioned having the students sit down would be good.  She also suggested using red and green cards for the teachers to hold up for collection of the strips.

–David said there should be explicit instructions as to what teachers should have on the field.  He also asked for a clear protocol for TA’s.

–Patrick gave kudos to Katie and Susan for their hard work.

–Michelle mentioned staff helping and how they should be aware of correct exit strategies.

–Marti mentioned that her class was in the courtyard and then went into the auditorium and had difficulty hearing the warnings.

–Marcus said he felt that not all those teachers with prep periods showed up at the command center.


VII.            Senior Calendar

–Nancy distributed a draft of this calendar.  It will also be on the website.

–Lauren will coordinate graduation with Celia as her co-captain.

–AP Exams begin on May 7th—a week later than usual.

–Senior Finals will start on Wednesday, May 9th and end on Tuesday, May 15th.  There will be coordination between Senior finals and AP exams when there are conflicts.

–Nancy mentioned Frisco Day and all seniors are expected to attend.  Lily Rodriguez is coordinating that activity.

–Senior Clearance, Senior Breakfast, Graduation Rehearsal, Graduation dates are listed.

–Michelle wanted to make sure seniors could be signed out on May 18th for make-up or late work.

–Let Nancy or Lauren know if you have additions to the calendar.


VIII.            Testing Calendar

–Nancy passed out the Testing Calendar.  She discussed the STAR test and those periods that will meet in the afternoons each day.

–Joseph asked about the end time of school each day.

–Nancy distributed the AP Exam schedule.  Morning testing begins at 7:30am and afternoon begins at 11:30am.

–The yellow Testing sheet gives all of the rest of the testing for this year.  Nancy mentioned that City College will be coming to Galileo to help students who are going to City.  These are our most at-risk students and we want to make sure they have a plan after high school.


IX.            NASA Johnson Space Center Visit

–Karin distributed information on this visit—March 13th.  It will begin 3° in Room 101.  She explained the agenda.  This will also be televised on G-House TV.  The 5th period talk will be by an astronaut.  She explained the process of selecting the 40 students to participate.


X.            Feedback from Class Change Process

–Lauren mentioned the new forms—7 step process and the sign-out process.

–Michelle said the forms are great and forcing students to have conversations with their teachers.  Marti said we have started to change the culture of the school.

–Michelle said there are teachers who are feeling they are receiving more Special Ed. students than others in their department.  They feel it is because they are better at working with these students.  She asked about how these choices are made and which teachers are selected.  Ray said it is based strictly on class availability and size.  Ray said all teachers should share this responsibility and some teachers will not.

–Patrick asked for Special Ed. data on the class size spread sheet.


XI.            Academy Fair

–Tony distributed information and talked about a video that will be shown on G-House TV.  He is working with Eleanor for a note sheet for the students.

–He discussed the issue of 9th graders not being able to be in an academy or pathway right away.  We need to raise student awareness about the academies and pathways.

–Michelle asked about the format and set-up in the cafeteria.  Tony said it would be a series of tables in the cafeteria.  Michelle asked if students could be presenters.  Tony said he was leaving the presentations to each academy.  Kathleen asked about electricity and the use of technology.  Tony will email everyone a map.  Email your academy/pathway presentation plan to Tony.


XII.            Department Head Terms

–Marcus asked each department to let him know who will be the department head next year. One department head will not be returning.


Meeting adjourned 11:42am.