Leadership Team Meeting – January 17, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


I.            Possible Priorities

–ELD Development School Wide Focus

–School Climate including safety, discipline and positive rewards

–9th grade transition and support for Early Warning Students

–Special Education

–Algebra—(focus on Freshmen Math) (Math)

–School Wide Literacy

–Academies/Pathways (Math)

–A-G new grad requirements (Math)

–College Prep—college going culture (Math)

–Class Size (school wide)  Math

–No Reduction in Teaching Staff (English)

–.6 Drama & .6 Speech Classes (EL Development) (English)

–Paras for writing in Regular Ed classes (English)


–Stress for students taking many AP classes—some of these referred to Wellness (Wellness)

–Newcomer Support (emotional, social, health care) (Wellness)

–Literacy—supporting EL (Social Studies)

–Geography for 9th graders (dept. does not teach 9th graders—transition between 8th and 10th grade (Social Studies).

–More Books (Library)

–Every Student Should Graduate (Library)


–Improve Special Ed communication (Spec. Ed.)—all teachers should be open to all students

–Scope and Sequence as it relates to regular classes for Special Ed. students. (Spec. Ed.)

–Para Expectations—who monitors them.  Paras must understand content. (Spec. Ed.)

–De-escalation Room for petty behavior.  Open 6 periods a day. (Spec. Ed.)

–Release time for paper work and documentation. (Spec. Ed.)


–Better emphasis on health, physical fitness and nutrition.  (PE)

–Maintenance program for facilities. (PE)

–Remedial Programs (PE)


–School Wide Discipline Policy and Enforcement (W. Languages)

–Early placement for native speakers. (W. Languages)

–Balance Native Speaker Classes (W. Language)


–English Language Development—more communication with all general ed teachers as well as .6 and .8 teachers.  (ELD)

–Speech class as an additional class. (ELD)


–School Wide Literacy (language of reading music, helps support school wide literacy). (VPA)

–9th Grade Transitions (VPA)

–EL Development (VPA)


–Stop Moving Rooms (Enrollment capacity)  (Science)—lots of travelling teachers.

–Balance class numbers across all periods (Science)

–Integrate Science & Tech into all classes (Science)

–Develop Stronger Literacy Component to Science Courses (Science)

–Build up the Biotech Program (Science)


–Serve Each Student (Counseling)


Nancy explained the differences in the A – G requirements and the SFUSD requirements.


–Marcus said that we need to come up with 10 priorities.  We can also combine some of them.


–Michelle said many of them can be enhanced by small class sizes.  Marcus added that it is highly unlikely in the district.  Discussion followed.


–Room sharing and no reduction in teachers are in direct conflict.  Tony said at times teachers choose to leave the school and then we may not replace them.

–Room sharing was eliminated.

–Some items do not involve money.

–Michelle asked about taking money from Professional Development.

–Marcus suggested reducing class size as part of 9th grade transition.  Reducing class sizes fits with many priorities.

–Mat suggested combining the collaboration ideas.

–Suggestions from some would like to have another counselor.


Definitely in:


1.  9th Grade Transition

2.  EL Development.

3.  Collaboration

4.  School Climate

5.  Special Ed

6.  School Wide Academic Literacy/Tech

7.  No Teacher Reduction

8.  A- G Grade Requirements


Administration will provide data for the department discussions tomorrow.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.