Leadership Team Meeting – January 26, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Leadership Team


I.            Priorities Update

–Marcus distributed the Possible Priorities based on our last meeting.  He encouraged input from the group.

–The last 4 were identified in the WASC review, as was the 9th Grade Transition.

–Marcus indicated here were extra SSC meetings.  He talked about the discussion in the SSC meeting.  He said that each and every department needs to identify the needs in Academic Literacy.  What data do you want to attach to each item?  The next SSC meeting will be in 2 weeks.  Please discuss priorities in your department on Feb. 8th.


II.            Registration Update

–Nancy thanked everyone for turning in their course descriptions in a timely manner.  The counselors have started registering students.

–In the Spring of 2013 we will be using Genesis, which is a new program for online registration.

–Teachers sign up with the individual counselors.

–Nancy said registration would finish in 4 weeks.


III.            Computer Lab

–This was a topic at the last UBC meeting.  One thing was Papa has to open the door for all the students.  Don thought the Computer Lab should use the AA2 key.  Everyone agreed.  We will revisit this later in the year.  There is a problem with students being in the lab unsupervised.

–Joseph asked if a teacher would leave the door unlocked.  We can set it up so that they door will also be locked.  Do not let other students in.  Unsupervised students must have a pass from their teacher.

–Kathleen would like to visit the gaming policy.  She felt many students should be studying instead of gaming.

–Ben wondered if some computers are designated “academic use only.”  We do not have a person to supervise this.

–Patrick said the library has been full at lunch time but there are free computers.  We need to let students know they should go to the library.

–Marcus asked Patrick to help him with a policy.


IV.            Bell Schedule

–Patrick said the overwhelming response were A & B.  A is what we have now and B is what we have now with a 7 minute passing.  Many in the room said it is not what they wanted.  Spec. Ed. wants the homeroom back.

–Science & VPA did not like the short Tuesday.  They like the shorter block as well,

–Patrick said maybe what we have is now is the basis for next year’s schedule.

–Many felt the 5-minute passing period was hard for teachers who travel.

–Patrick said the 2 common planning times were the most important part of the schedule.

–Marcus said that the students had a survey yesterday and he will have the results soon.

–Joseph would like to see data concerning how many students were late with 5 minutes vs. 7 minutes.  Some felt that students would be late no matter how long the passing period is.

–Nancy mentioned that the district letters reflect tardies—3 tardies equal an absence.

–Marti said the 5-minute passing period is a rush for everyone.  Tone of the classroom is difference.


V.            CPT Feedback regarding 1/25/12

–The Social Studies Department wants to thank the administration for the unstructured planning time.  Marcus asked what we should call this.

–Michelle asked that this type of information on unstructured planning time be given to the teachers several weeks in advance.

–Marcus asked for a quick vote—David said teacher discretion; Patrick said the chairs of each department could call a meeting; David said discretionary time would still let the chairs call a meeting; Ben felt that the department heads want to know ahead of time when is discretionary time.  Denise suggested calling it department head lead-time.


VI.            Sufficient Lead Time

–Joseph discussed getting confusing messages and not having enough time to change plans.  He mentioned the short notice for the assembly that is scheduled for this Friday.

–It was mentioned that it was on the calendar.  Michelle mentioned that many are not always checking the calendar, particularly as items are added to the calendar all the time.

–Joseph mentioned that when we went to digital, the communication is not as good.

–Ben gave his perspective on the advantages of collaborative leadership.

–Michelle said technology is wonderful, but many teachers cannot sit in front of the computer all the time.  She said that we need to carve out a time to check for updates to the calendar.  It is helpful to get information a week or so in advance.

–David said if something comes up we should be notified in more than one way—calendar, email, bulletin, on G-House TV.  We should use all of our avenues.

–We are moving from a paper to a technology age.

–Joseph suggested checking calendar every day should be a Principal’s Expectation.  Joseph said we need time to do this.  Marcus said the time is a challenge.


–Stan said he is the Environmental Liaison working with Lisa Franzen and he asked for ideas from the group for greening up the school.  Ray liked the program yesterday; Karin said the cafeteria could use some help.  Stan said it would be on a schedule starting with lights, electricity.


Department Head Agenda


I.            Department Head Selections

–Marcus asked everyone to write their new department chair selection on a piece of paper and give it to him.

–The Department Head commitment is for 3 years.


II.            CLA & Common Assessment

–This is a district priority.  This opens on February 21st.

–Marcus has adjusted his goal to the Fall Semester 2012. Every department should have a CLA for every course.  It must be put into Data Director.  See Marcus or Tony if you are having problems.

–Ray explained how it will work in his department.

–Denise shared what is happening in her department.

–Joseph said his project-based learning is hard to input into Data Director.  He said many of his students start at 0.  Marcus said he should compare the data from the end of one year to the next.  Denise discussed the same thing in her department.

–Patrick suggested 2 articles for members to read—one in the NY Times and the other in the SF Chronicle. Patrick felt the CLA is district driven and there are not enough resources and time to do this.

–Joseph discussed testing vs. assessment.  An assessment is produced internally in the classroom.  Marcus gave an example with world languages.

–Marti discussed how her department worked with the CLA.  She said her department would like to add to the CLA with their own assessments.  Marcus said they will be able to add this to Data Director.


III.            Miscellaneous

–Joseph wanted to talk about Powerful Teaching.  He talked about an article in the NY Times about a soccer coach in England.  This interview contained the information that this coach contributed his success to good teachers.  Joseph gave an example from his own schooling and mentioned a specific quote.  He also mentioned a former teacher here—Mel Esqueta and talked about his plays.  Our kids need inspiration and they need to see passion from the teachers.

–Joseph brought in a book about numbers, music, cosmology, and geometry.  He shared some items from the book.  Quadrivium is the name of the book.


–Michelle said Powerful Teaching should be discussed in each department.  Teachers need to share what is invigorating to them.  This is what fuels the fire of the teachers and their students.  We need to be able to do this.

–David feels there is no time to implement changes.  He would like time to innovate changes.

–Everyone thanked Joseph for bringing up this topic.


–Marcus asked everyone to look at the back of the Priority Page—this is from the PTSA meeting.

–Parents want the College Counseling Position restored.  Change the word “replace.”  10 parents and 1 student attended the meeting.

–Joseph asked how many counselors are bilingual—everyone except one.  Many are Chinese speaking, Lily knows Spanish.  Ray said Armando (para) is paid to translate Spanish, and he can be called upon.


–Joseph told of a student who has 2 ethnic backgrounds and the scantron only recalled one answer.  This survey was data driven only and we can put that in the directions.

–Denise said it would be good to get information about the survey ahead of time.

–Marti said we have a teacher in the school who teaches AP Statistics and can compose surveys.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.