1/11/2012 Meeting Minutes


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA  94109

Room 210 at 3:30 P.M.

Location and Time of Meeting


School Site Council Meeting-January 11, 2012

X  Agenda Attached

X  Attendance/sign-in attached

Present:  Marcus Blacksher, Stan DeBella, Doug Page, Jonathan Ring, Woodraw Smith, Patrick Delaney, Mele Lau-Smith, Claire Siegel, Nicole Torres, Jacky Chau,

Absent (Excused): Clarissa Lee, Anna Mai

X  Minutes of the previous meeting approved


Decision Made/Issues Reviewed

I.  Call to Order

– M. Lau-Smith called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm.  There were ten elected members present; a quorum was established.


II.  Approval of 12/7/2011 Meeting Minutes

– A member moved to approve the 12/7/2011 minutes as presented.  Another member seconded and the motion was carried unanimously.


III.  New Business

1.  DCYF Funding/Youth Vote

– Peter Lauterborn from the City Department of Children, Youth and Families speaks to the SSC.  He provided information to all members explaining the department and its goals. The department has a three-year cycle and is now in the second year.  The plans of actions are to identify needs in the first year, to allot funding in the second year, and to involve non-profits in the plan in the third year.

– The DCYF helps students get involved in civics, be in charge of “Youth Vote”, and place the students on the Board of Education.  The folder contents are a synopsis of the program.  There are 41 programs listed that Galileo students participate in.  Some are based here at Gal and others in the community.  The packet also includes the results of the last “Youth Vote” survey, which gives insight into the students here at Galileo. These surveys are given twice each year-Fall and Spring.  Galileo returned 1400 surveys, which are the highest returned in the district this year. This next survey will include some middle schools and then middle schools will all be included in the surveys.  Peter asks for more involvement from Galileo.

2.  Developing the BSC/Single Plan

– The BSC/SPSA development handouts distributed.  The site council reviewed the BSC/ BSCWG handouts.  Handout is the conceptually approved proposal from last meeting.  Major change, distributed leadership, secondly more talk on BSC working group. Constitution of the WG would be ½ and ½ school staff and community partners, exact numbers are in the handout.  Each group would elect their own members. Page 2 contains the time-line of implementation Sept/Nov.  These dates are past so we need to squeeze them into the second semester. Today we will review and approve the process and start the election of Working Groups.

Handout: Timeline (Pilot Run)

How do people feel about working groups set up? General timeline?

Q: Why are we doing BSCWG verse SSC?

A: More representation.  Give others opportunity to voice opinions without the two year commitment of the SSC.  Get a broader perspective on the school.

Q: Why can’t the SSC do it?


Page 1

A: Can’t do it in a monthly meeting structure.  More meetings of the SSC is a possibility

Q: BSCWG is duplicating SSC?

A: Yes

Q: Could we have extra meetings of the SSC and invite others?

A: Yes, that would work.

General consensus is to set up an Ad HOC committee of the SSC dealing with the budget, which is part of the SSC’s job.

We will change representation to SSC members with invited interested persons.  Interested persons must commit to all four meetings and committee will report to the UBC also (Left off the list of (reportees)

We will set up the working groups first meeting in Sept.  Finish the last BSC and begin forming a new one.

Q: Could the working group get started on Jan 25th?

A: Yes and be finished by the end of April.


Finalized proposal- Vote to approve the amended BSC plan with the proposed changes. Unanimously passed.  Extra meetings in Jan, Feb and March


Questions on the self-reflection portion discussed. Questions can be tweaked at any time. We will use the ones listed as Pilot questions.


Context:  How can we judge how we are doing here at Galileo aside from grades?

A: These questions could help insure that we have another measure of our success and progress toward our goals.

Handout: Galileo Priorities Timeline and Possible priorities.


IV.  Old Business

1.  Update on SSC Student/Teacher Representations

– The site council did not address this agenda item.



A member moved to adjourn the meeting.  Another member seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 4:53 pm.


Minutes taken by Stan DeBella and prepared by Karin Lau

















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