Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – March 22, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:05am.


I.          Budget

–Katie distributed the most current budget sheet.  This consists of input from this group and the SSC.

–The district is adding to the librarian position and the nurse.  We are cutting .5 para position and .2 clerical.  We are moving .4 from the TSA to ELD.  We are cutting .6 from AVID and moving it to English.  English we are cutting .8, offset by .6 AVID and .2 Journalism. College Career/Health—cut .4, move .2 to Social Studies and only 9th graders.  PE is cut 1.4., offset by .4 TSA. We are cutting IT prep.  We are cutting .4 from ELD. Math—no change.  Peer Resource no change. Science—additional sections, no ASB prep, $2K stipend, additional students.  Social Studies add .2 from CC/Health.  VAPA—cut.4 fewer students (A-G). World Language–no change.  Yearbook/Journalism combined class.

–We will be keeping drama.

–3.6 % cut in Certificated classroom positions.

–Katie discussed operating costs.  We have a total operating budget of $142,293.00 for the coming year.  Last year we had $263,105 from the WSF.

–We are getting a 6.9% cut, but only a 3.6 certificated classroom cut.  We have an 8.8% cut in classified positions.

–Ethan asked about PE credit for sports.  Next year students will not get credit.  He also asked about the 138 students that have to take PE because they did not pass the content standards.  Marcus mentioned the administration has discussed having an after school program for these students.

–Ben mentioned that some of these students were involved in academies and other programs and relied on sports credit for PE to complete their requirements.

–Marcus said we are out of compliance with this and we are not supposed to do this.

–Ethan has to test these students and if they do not pass, then they have to take PE.

–Those certificated cuts—teachers are entitled to a 1.0 position in the district.

–Ethan asked about ROTC.  There will be 1 position, and we pay .5.  If outside funding happens, then we may have 2 positions.  Leo is working on his PE credential.  We are planning for 150 students in ROTC.

–Ethan asked about enrollment numbers for ROTC in all grades.  He asked if students are arbitrarily placed in ROTC and then they can opt out.

–Katie said a lot of these numbers will change in the fall.

–Ethan talked about the fact that periods 5 and 6 are heavy in PE and the morning classes are lighter.  We need to balance the classes.  1st period and 6th period classes have the most students.


–Patrick questioned cutting .2 from social studies and cutting 1 .4 from PE.

–Marcus said the PE classes are small.  Ethan said the class size should be 37.  Marcus said 37 is an average number for class sizes.

–Katie said there were cuts all over the place.

–Stan said the members of the SSC refused last night to sign off on the budget.  It was submitted and will have a letter stating objections to being cut this year.  Out of 17 high schools in SF, our funding is 15th.

–Patrick said the letter is currently being drafted and this group will get a copy of it.

–Marcus said this is not an easy process and he thanked everyone for their input and participation.  He thanked Katie for her hard work.  Jonathan Ring and Mele did an excellent job as well.


II.         Vending Machines

–Katie has been approached by a company to put in vending machines at Galileo stocked with healthy foods.  Wallenberg, Mission and Gateway have them.

–We would get money for them—50-50.

–We can decide where the vending machines are placed.

–Last time we had them they were located in ROTC and kids were cutting classes and hanging out there.

–Joseph mentioned the history of having a Coke machine in the Band Room and all the problems that came with it.

–Ray mentioned that vending machines are quicker than leaving campus.

–Marcus felt that if we do it, we should do it ourselves and keep all the money.

–Ben felt the students should initiate the project.


III.       Student Activity Dates

–Katie emailed this to everyone and she got some appreciation.

–Nancy said April 13th is Frisco Day for Seniors re: college.

–ASB assembly will be Thursday 4/12.

–Joseph suggested having a regular 1-6 schedule and having a double 4th or double 6th.

–Michelle suggested the assembly on Monday prior to STAR testing.  STAR testing always starts on a Tuesday.

–Katie asked if we could do the voting during the periods in the afternoon after the morning STAR tests.  Everyone agreed.

–Assembly is Monday April 16th for ASB elections.


IV.        Open House

–Counseling Office has sent information out to prospective students saying it is April 25th.  Incoming 9th graders have been given this date.

–Joseph wanted to have it the same evening as the Spring Concert.

–Registration for incoming 9th graders was arbitrarily moved up a week.  Nancy said the notice from the district was late.

–Joseph would like to coordinate these two events in the future.


V.         Staff Appreciation

–Thursday, May 3rd is the date Gayline is proposing.  It will be the Faculty Meeting time—switched from Wednesday to Thursday.  Wednesday will be for department meetings.


VI.        Master Schedule Update

–Nancy told the group that the counselors are now inputting the information that the teachers have sent.  We should be able to figure out how many sections for each course the week after Spring Break.  They are trying to do some comparison data.

–She mentioned that there will be some blanks in student schedules in the beginning—mostly to show the district we need a lot of help.

–Marcus said we will not double up on science classes to see what we are working with and to show the district the bare bones schedules.

–Nancy said some of the schedules for juniors and seniors would only have 4 classes.  Joseph asked how they could graduate if they could not have a full schedule.

–This is a long process and we will see what the bare bones looks like.  Hopefully the district will release more funds and we can expand.

–9th graders for the fall are registering now until April 13th.  The district has put in 532 9th graders.  That means more money for us as originally we were projected at 450 students.  The counseling office will call those who have not come to register.  They will also do some outreach.  That would mean $4,279.00 per student.  That would mean over $400,000 more money.

–Patrick asked about the demographics.  Tony said 49% Chinese, 25% Latino and all other ethnicities were not higher than 10%.

–The real $$ amount comes after the 10 day count.


–Nancy said there are also upper class students who do not return in the fall.

–Michelle asked about the singleton/doubleton meeting—April 12th is the target date.

–Lauren will take over Nancy’s position in the Counseling Office while Nancy is on maternity leave and Tony will be helping with the Master Schedule.


VII.      Copy Machines in 307

–Denise talked of an experience she had several weeks ago and she talked about a project where someone copied a book—23 originals, 55 copies.

–Please remind your department members to use the Riso for large volumes.

–The Xerox machine in 307 is broken.

–We are trying to keep students out of copy machines.

–Marcus asked about codes for each person.  Joseph mentioned that teachers would give their codes to their students.

–Large printing jobs can be sent to the district office now, but that won’t happen next year.

–Marti mentioned in the past each department head talked to the teachers in their department who make lots of copies.

–Ben suggested that unattended big jobs be seized and brought to the main office for pick-up.


VIII.     School Safety Concerns

–Denise mentioned that we have no School Crossing Signs by our school.  There

Should be on every corner.  We will put in a work order.


IX.        Star Testing Procedures

–Marti wanted to make sure that everybody knows what they are to do as far as picking up, dropping off, etc.  All ducks should be in a row.  Vicki did it for the last 15 years.  She would like to see everything spelled out way ahead of time.

–Tony did the STAR testing for 2 years at Aptos.  The first faculty meeting after Spring Break we will go over the procedures.

–Tony will try to replicate as much as possible what has been done in the past.

–Our usual substitutes will be on hand to help.

–We will use Room 253 for the headquarters.

–The group asked for the bell schedule for STAR test.

–Denise brought up the fact that teachers who are assigned as support should be ready to relive the regular teachers.

–Marti asked to be somewhat free so she can handle the problems with Math department encounters during the testing.

–Kathleen said it is important for teachers to read the directions, as they are different every year.

–Marti suggested an information session just prior to the STAR testing so everyone has all the information.

–Denise said it is important to follow the script that comes with the test.

–Karin talked about the Chinese Immersion schedule.

–Mat suggested the relief schedule be kept within the department.

–Katie suggested that teachers be assigned as a team to give the test and do a 50-50 job.


IX.        Common Formative Assessments

–Marcus said he hoped everyone was almost done with this. April 23rd is the target date.  This will be department time.

–Tony said the most recent CLA’s are now in Data Director.

–Ray talked about the problem when the pre-slugged answer sheets are not ready for the students.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.