Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.  Marcus proposed that we postpone the agenda items and just talk about Budget.  Everyone agreed.  We will have a meeting next week to address the rest of the issues.


Leadership Team


I.          Budget


–Katie distributed information from past years’ budgets.  We will have a deficit next year of over $650,000.

–Katie said the district says we must use 2% for operating expenses.  We have always spent more than 2%.

–Katie distributed a set of possible changes.  The SSC will review this and the principal will make the final decisions.

–Stan asked if there had been discussions with the district as the district has a $55 million reserve.

–Katie said we have to submit a budget by March 23 with the allocation the district has given us.

–Stan asked if there has been discussion with the district about their tremendous reserve.

–Marcus said we need to finish this discussion and then Marcus will go to the district.

–Katie reviewed the document District and School Site Possible Changes document. These are all proposals—room for additions and changes.

–Katie reviewed what the district will pay for next year and some of the changes we would make.  The cost column shows where the savings would be.

–Proposal now is to add a counselor, pay for the nurse and grant a stipend as opposed to a prep.

–Katie explained the Non-Classroom and Classroom changes.  The document showed the average class size and any changes that would occur.  She reviewed the courses and indicated where the cuts would be in sections.

–Top part of the document represents savings of over $70,000 and the bottom portion shows savings of over $581,000.

–Stan asked about Biotech—Katie said it is listed in Science.  Marcus said he and Stan would meet about this.


–Patrick suggested meeting about this again tomorrow during 4°.

–Ben asked the group if this seems like something that has happened before.  Discussion followed about past years and that last year the fact that Scenario B was bad.  The year before that, Joseph indicated that VPA lost 2 positions.  For next year VPA is losing 15% while the rest of the school is losing 7%.

–Marcus said that when cuts happen it is often necessary to go to the minimums.  The VPA graduation requirement is 1 course for one year.

–Graduation requirements are now aligned to the A – G requirements—language, math and science requirements have gone up.  Katie pointed out that the district graduation requirements have changed—not the state’s requirements, but the district’s.

–Patrick asked if we have pushed back to the district about the effects.

–Marcus brought up the remedial courses and how they do not count for graduation.


–Kathleen asked about ROTC.  Marcus gave the history of this area and talked about the fact that we were on probation for the program as we only had one instructor.  Stan mentioned that ROTC pays for one position if we have it.  The Army is now requiring the ROTC teachers to have a PE credential which will take place in several years.

–Those students who double up in AP classes bring the school more money.

–Michelle brought up the issue of larger class sizes.  She is concerned that the advanced classes are the smaller ones and the under served students are in the larger classes.

–Michelle asked about class sizes with AP and Academy classes.

–Nancy said that the English classes for AoHT have 39 students.  AoIT has lots of requests to be in this program.


–Patrick wanted to discuss the Non-Personnel area.  Katie explained that the 2% would cover school-wide supplies, but departments would get nothing to very little.  David said that would impact all of the life science classes with labs.  English would not be able to order novels.

–Patrick asked Joseph about his budget.  Prop H was discussed.

–Ben said he felt the question is will all departments be willing to give up supplies to cover a 1.0 FTE, and if so, what department would have that 1.0 teacher.


–Discussion followed about state adopted textbooks and who pays and what happens when books are lost.  David and Denise told of the textbook inventory checks by the district.


–Marti discussed Math Department finances.  She said they need paper, ink and an Excel program.

–Michelle discussed the benefits of having 2 AVID teachers.

–Ethan asked about the rationale of choosing ROTC over 1.0 FTE in PE.  Marcus said the program is popular, a political issue and financially is a wash over having more sections of PE.

–Patrick asked about class sizes in ROTC.  Nancy said we cannot require students to take ROTC.

–The Army requires 100 students enrolled to continue ROTC.

–Patrick mentioned the union contract and what comes up when teachers are reassigned.  Katie asked about the money.  Patrick said we should look into all of this.

–Patrick congratulated everyone who has worked on this budget.  Katie mentioned that she was sad over this.

–Michelle asked about with the reduction of students, why are we adding a counselor and cutting teachers?

–Nancy said this is a result of continued parent complaints about their students not being able to be seen by a counselor.  This is coming from the students and the parents.

–Nancy said our current enrollment is 2070.

–PTSA and Community Meetings were the source of the parent and student complaints about not being able to see counselors.

–Joseph mentioned some department chairs would resign if the district removed the department head period and offered a stipend; many department chairs might resign.

–Ben said we should rerun this with no AP preps and no Department Head periods.

–Stan said with the superintendent’s zone, we could lose 10 teachers.

–Michelle said many schools run Yearbook and Journalism as after school activities.

–Journalism is in English; Yearbook is an elective that meets a G requirement.

–Patrick said Yearbook/Journalism, PE/ROTC, Counselor and supplies are important issues.

–Katie explained the financial issue of funding for the nurse.

–The Librarian funding would decrease next year.


–Ray felt Peer Resource is an important program here for Special Ed.  Jessica said the PRC classes are small, so maybe combining them into 2 sections would be financially good.


Marcus asked everyone to digest this information and make plans for arguments to the SSC.  We will meet again tomorrow during 4th period.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.