Leadership Team Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:20am.


Leadership Team


I.            Budget


–Marcus said we would give everyone 4 minutes to provide their feedback.  Everyone will be on a timer.  Then we will send Bettie’s notes to the SSC so they can read this.

–Ethan asked for the process.  The Leadership Team’s feedback will be given to the SSC.  Ethan asked if the Leadership Tem would make a presentation to the SSC.  Marcus said the SSC will get the information from these notes.

–Patrick asked if we were taking a vote on our information.  Marcus and Katie indicated they have the budget sheets and the feedback from this Leadership Team meeting.

–Patrick asked if the administration was endorsing this proposal.  The answer is no.  Marcus said they listed all the scenarios on the budget sheets.

–Patrick asked if the Yearbook and Journalism classes would go to after school activities.

–Tony said they cut everything except what students need to graduate—A-G requirements.

–Ben asked if there are some items we could all agree on prior to each department’s thoughts.

–Time reduced to 3 minutes per department.


A.  Math

–Re: counselors—since parents were not aware of this—we have managed without them, so let’s continue this way.  Re:  Journalism and Yearbook—let’s do after school.  Re:  ROTC—if we discontinued this program, could we put them into PE.  Marti said she doesn’t know enough about the politics.


B.  Lauren

–Para—to take away a para would be detrimental to the Counseling Office.; His duties include:  textbook collection/data; testing prep for AP, STAR, EAP, CELDT, CAHSEE (5XS), and all make-up tests.  He does all the cum folders, speaks 3 languages (Cantonese, Lao, Thai), answers the phone, fixes the copy machines does photocopying, helps with registration for incoming families and reclassifications for ELD.  Testing cannot continue in the counseling office if he is cut.  He is willing to take on more duties.

–Counseling cannot make a decision on cutting a para for a college counselor.

–AVID—why is this  program being cut when it is the only program to support students meet the A-G requirements.

–95% of AVID seniors graduate A-G and go to a 4-year college.  50% of senior class goes to a 4-year college .

–AVID 9 does not cost the school additional funds, as they would be taking Health Ed and College and Career. Now they do it on cyber high.  She can cut AVID 10 to one section.

–Lauren’s Case loads would be redesigned if AVID is cut.


C.  World Languages

–Denise said they would like to have a teacher for teaching in the classroom rather than an extra counselor.  They are concerned about testing native speakers.  They are concerned about students testing out.  They do not want to lose teachers.



–Wants the para position kept on rather than another counselor.

–He wants to support Ethan and PE and have the military stop dominating the situation.  He feels it is a wash whether we keep an ROTC teacher or a PE teacher.  He feels a fully credentialed PE teacher will be better than a special credential for the ROTC teacher.

–In the budget scenarios he does not like all the notes that say “No Change.”  He feels it should be all across the board.  Marcus said that Janet Schulze said that there will be no cuts in administrators.  Joseph felt that everyone should be cut equally.


E.  PE

–Ethan has always supported to ROTC program.  But, with 2 FTE cuts in PE it does not seem right. PE is a core curriculum course and 2 years are required for graduation.  ROTC is now an elective and PE credits are given in an Independent Study Program.  Sports team players also get Independent Study in PE for playing sports.

–His department said that class size would be increased if the Independent Study program was dropped.

–In 2014 a PE credential will be required for ROTC instructors.  We would be saving a temporary position for just 1 year if we keep ROTC.

–Students who do not pass 5 out of 6 content standards must take another year of PE.  This could affect 100-300 students.


F.  Library/UBC

–Patrick asked if the Asst. Superintendent has signed off on any cuts in administrative positions in our school as well as other schools.

–Given across the board 6.5% board cuts—where are they reflected ion non-classified and non –certificated at Galileo in secretaries and tech support?

–Can we look at the allocations and ratios for non-classroom staffing at other schools?

–Katie said we were strongly encouraged to cut clerical.  We are fat compared to other schools.

–Are there any other monies in the school that can be applied to non=personnel?

–Does the administrative team consider credentialing, i.e. people’s jobs when making cuts?

–The superintendent said the cuts would be even across the board—he would like to see this.

–Patrick asked if there were paras doing work outside their content area.  The answer was Bounmy.  Most paras have classroom duties.  This could be a possible problem situation.

–Patrick asked if the administration looked at credentials of all staff to see what switches could be made.  The answer was no.

–If the Library position goes to .4, the library would be open one period a day with one warehouse prep; probably not open at lunch.


G.            Karin

–Cuts should be all across the board.  This is not the right time to add a counselor.

–Karin said her position was being cut .6 and right now she does a full job.  She also does language support and will not be able to do that from the classroom.  We have over 1000Chinese speaking parents.

–She is for reducing the non-classroom expenses.  She thinks we can replenish supply money in the fall if we get more funds.  She does not want to loose good people.


H.  Social Sciences

— Mat said it is asking too much for reducing department budgets for a 1.0 FTE, not knowing where that position would be.  Not a good idea to deplete the department budget to 0 and preserve 1 FTE.


I.            ELD

–Kathleen discussed the Newcomer Pathway and that we have been working on a very good program. The stakes have changed.  We have had changes of personnel.  Students only get credit for 1 year in English for an ELD class at level 5 or above.  Students are coming in at a lower level now.  60% of those ELL who made the A-G came through our program.

–Cutting Drama is a big blow to the department.  It is difficult.  Our teachers are trained now to work on writing and speaking and it is different than other schools.

–About 500 fewer language students who are tested out will not need World Language.

–Dropping the Arts classes is also a big blow.


J.            English

–Michelle said with cuts, any additions do not make sense.  Adding a counselor is not good.

–Cuts should be equitable and there should be a cut across the board including administrators.

–Eliminating electives is a topic.  Her department does not have the luxury of offering electives.   24% of students are not college ready in English according to the EAP.  We need to have more support classes in English for our school.  The proposal cuts 5sections from English.  Other departments do not have cuts.  Yesterday she pointed out that English is the only subject that requires 4 years.

–She would propose eliminating AVID and have those teachers teach English.

–Cuts in the library would also be cuts in computer lab time.


K.            Ben

–With computer science bumped up to 4 classes, you must consider that a teacher can only have 3preps.  We might build a program that we can’t support with teachers.

–There is a period that is set-aside for Information Technology—we do need to have this support to keep our wireless system up and running.


L.  Science

–David said Science supports not adding a counselor.  Not appropriate. The classroom is already receiving a big hit.

–Yearbook and Journalism should be after school programs.

–Priority should be to maintain our teaching staff.  If we lose current staff, we lose all our training and that is a huge hit.  We do not want to have the giant turn over like other schools have.

–ROTC—he has a hard time supporting this program.  Lots of students love it.  Money is a wash.  Our PE teachers do a lot for the school besides teaching classes—like sponsoring clubs, etc.

–Supplies—we do need a minimum amount. We should run on bare bones next year.  Maybe parents and teachers can add in a little more.  Saving a position should be a big priority.


–Patrick asked if there were any discretionary funds.  Marcus will think about this.


Consensus Items

–We should not add an additional counselor.  Marcus asked if this was true for everyone and it is.

–Move Yearbook and Journalism to an after school program—Marcus said it will be difficult to recruit students.  Michelle said students will want to do this if they want to have a yearbook.

–With Futurama, if 8 students want to do an activity they will fund it.  Joseph said there is a core of students who want to do the program.

–The principal supports keeping ROTC.  The rest of the group did not.

–Patrick said that the cuts should be equitable across the board—6.5%, except for what the district does.

–Marcus said we do need to keep program need in mind.


–Patrick said we should address paras, IT tech and secretaries, and if we make cuts there how much of FTE can we fund?

–Kathleen talked about the lower salaries of the paras and all the slack they pick up at a lower cost.


Marcus asked if everyone felt we should cut Classified 6.5 across the board.  The group said No.

–Ben asked if we should cut a secretary.  David said there should be some way to make the cuts equitable.

–If we approve for Bounmy to stay where he is? Patrick said the contract might be an issue.  Patrick will see if there will be a grievance filed.  He also mentioned grievances in the future such as Health Ed credit for cyber high, and PE credit through Independent Study.

–Marti said absolutely teachers are #1 and running a school involves the cost of doing business.  She said if there is a secretary eliminated, we must think about who is leaving and what skills they have.  Without these supports in place there are problems.


Is it a district wide policy there will be no administrative cuts?

Can monies in the school that are in slush funds or discretionary funds in the school to be used for such things as science equipment?


–If we leave operating costs at the 2%, we can have 1.0 FTE saved.  Everyone agreed.  Journalism and Yearbook are a .4.  Katie will confirm with Futurama about funding those two activities.

–Ethan suggested the administration revise their proposal and bring it back to the group.


We will meet again on Tuesday, March 13th at 4th period.


Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm.