Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Leadership Team


I.          ELL IOC Report


–Marcus introduced Jen Fong who will give us the ELL  IOC report.  She discussed the unannounced visit earlier this semester, March 19, 2012.  She mentioned the Lau case and said that the courts keep finding us out of compliance.  This is the Internal Oversight Committee to make sure we are serving the ELL students.  This group is composed partly of assistant superintendents.

–She distributed information and explained its development.  The feedback from the visit should produce reflection and then growth.

–She mentioned that this is the 6th report in the district this year.  In the past there has not been a lot of support for the ELL students.


–Stan asked for the definition of a Language Objective.  Jen used the terms compare and contrast.  She mentioned that they would be happy to do some professional development in this area.  She used the term graphic organizers.  She wants the students to have academic English.


–She came for the review with her team and others, totaling 12 individuals.  They visited as many places as they could.  They talked to non-classroom staff and students.  They still need to talk to the parents.

–It was clear that everyone was aware of the ELL students.  Newcomers have 0-1 year in US schools.  Developing ELs have 2-4 years in US schools.  Long Term ELs have 5+ years.

–In classes where there were very few ELs, they did not see as much strategies for these students as in classes where there were many Els.  She said it is mandated that teachers use SADIE strategies and that is why all teachers are mandated to have a CLAD.  Student to student activities and graphic organizers are some of the things they were looking for.  Do we see visuals?

In lecture classes, the ELs have a harder time absorbing the material.  They like to see a variety of strategies that help students.

–Please move ELD .7-.8 to regular English so that they will be eligible for UC entrance.  She sees that happening at Galileo.  We do not want to mix Newcomers with Long Term ELs, even if they have the same CELT scores.  The Long Term ELs do not take the CELT seriously. Now that more ELs are being included in the mainstream, we need to use strategies to reach them.  She addressed the difference in the Long Term ELs’ speaking and writing skills.


–David asked if separation of the ELs and the ELAs in mainstream classes is important.  Jen discussed the differences between Long Term ELs and other students.

–Kathleen said many folks are not clear on the difference between .6 and .8 classes.  She asked for more PD in this area.  Jen said they are eager to do this.

–July 23-27, 2012 are dates for training over the summer.  Those who attend will follow up when they return to the site.  There is a $2,000 stipend for doing this.

–Jen said they would come to the site and design training that would work here.  She said you will see immediate results.


–David asked if the district will make it easier to identify the different students.

She said Data Director does it now.  She hopes it will be on SIS shortly.

–.6 in English means something different than in Math, Science and Social Studies.

–Jen encouraged everyone to attend some of the trainings.  She also encouraged everyone to ask for help with strategies.

–She said that we could get picked again next year for the IOC visit and she hopes they would see growth at that time.

–She encouraged increasing student-to-student interaction.  This is more engaging.


–Marcus distributed information on the Balanced Score Card.  Please look at the ELL section and we will discuss it next meeting.  Do we want to do these activities by department or school-wide?

–Marcus also distributed some information from the last WASC review to remind and refresh our thoughts.

–He said our EL students and our Newcomer students are extremely motivated to be successful.  We are doing good things at Galileo.


–Ben asked if we did well in this review and will we come under additional scrutiny. Marcus said there are areas for improvement, but we are doing a lot of things well.  He spoke about using more visuals next year to help our EL students.  Kathleen mentioned they are making posters to use the academic language.


–Michelle mentioned concerns with the re-designation of students that can cause elimination of some skill sets. Kathleen touched on the criteria students need to move to the next level.

–Denise said there should be this information can be given to al faculty.


II.         CAHSEE Results

–Tony passed out the results and gave credit to Jonathan Ring for creating the document.  He explained the document and highlighted the gains.  He felt the overall numbers were great.  Special Ed students are included in this report.

–Ben commented on the zip code break down.


–Nancy said CSU is going to start using the CST tests for Math and English placement, instead of the EAP.


III.       Common Formative Assessments


–April 23rd is a PD day and this is the entire agenda.  We want to see one each semester.

–Teachers can attend other PDs off site, but the CFAs must be completed prior to 4/23.

–Nancy brought up lunch and the fact that many wanted to go off campus for lunch.  Lunch is on your own.

–There will be a short faculty meeting in the morning.


IV.        Budget

–Marcus said we submitted a budget initially by balancing the budget by not using the mandated 2% for operating costs.  We wanted to use the projected AP money for that.  It was turned down.

–Marcus, Karin and, Katie worked on a revision.  They used categorical funds for the counselors.  We have an ELD retirement, so we did not fill that position.  If get an influx of Newcomers we will have to ask for more funds for these students.

–Nancy gave department heads the sections based on what we have now.  Things change over the summer.


V.         Miscellaneous

–Marcus asked how many 9th graders were assigned here and how many have signed up?  As of yesterday there were 130 who have not committed to Galileo.  520-550 were assigned.  TAs phoned the homes and some parents did not realize they had to come in for enrollment.  Many Latinos did not realize they had to come to the school to accept.  Only 7 of the 130 said they were going to go to another school.  Karin Lau will call those families.

–Round 2 for enrollment will start soon.  It will begin on May 13th.  Round 3 will be in the summer time.  Nancy said we should have more students that we expected.


–Master Schedule—singleton/doubleton meeting tomorrow 4° in 102.  There will be another meeting on Thursday of the STAR testing week if we do not finish.  Nancy asked everyone to check the Google Doc and enter the singletons and doubletons.

–Try to have one class of each grade level in every period.  Let Marcus and Nancy know if there are too many 1st and 6th period preps.


–Marcus mentioned student placement.  ELL students are supposed to start and end the day with those support classes.  This is a WASC recommendation.  Nancy said the ELD classes are on the even periods and the labs are on the odd periods.  Kathleen said they tried to have the students in the ELD community at the beginning and the end of the day.  He encouraged each department to review the WASC and the Balanced Score Card.


–FRISCO Day is tomorrow.  There are students turning in last minute field trip slips.  The district is providing more busses.  Those students who are not going need to show up for classes.  Anyone who does not come to school or to FRISCO Day will not be allowed to go to Prom.

–Ben discussed the severe consequence for this particular day if a student cuts versus any other day.

–Patrick said parents might have a valid argument against this punishment.  He mentioned recent articles in the SF Chronicle that are disturbing about CTS at Mission and O’Connell.

–Discussion followed.

–Joseph felt the day was poorly scheduled—on the last day of the grading period.  He felt the administration should protest this schedule and say it does not work for our teachers.  Marcus said there was no opportunity to say this.  Marcus felt that some teachers felt they were done with grading by the last day of the grading period.

–Nancy said it is earlier this year and the district wants to wait until students get accepted to college.  Some teachers felt it was too close to AP testing.  Suggestion was made to do it during CST time.  Chaperones then become a problem.


–Bettie distributed the Draft of the April 25th Open House for Karin Lau.  Marcus said there was a suggestion to offer extra credit if families come.

–Michelle said the kids go from room to room on the Scavenger Hunt and do not ask any questions about programs, etc.  Teachers and parents felt it was a waste of time.


–Marcus said the parents felt the number of questions should be limited—students can pick the questions they are interested in.  Marcus will send an email to everyone with what the parents suggested.

–Nancy suggested parents and students should visit departments.

–Michelle said it should be student run, which would be more interesting to the in-coming students.

–Denise asked if all teachers were required to attend.

–Ray said some parents try to monopolize the teachers.  This is not a time for teacher conferences.

–Ben felt we should have a clear statement of purpose.  Then we can figure out the activities.

–David felt we should be showcasing the first floor and have that open.


–Marcus said Wednesday, April 18th at 2:15pm there will be a School Loop Training in 102 for submitting grades.


Meeting adjourned at 11:40am.