5/9/2012 Meeting Minutes


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA  94109

Room 210 at 3:30 P.M.

Location and Time of Meeting


School Site Council Meeting-May 9, 2012

X  Agenda Attached

X  Attendance/sign-in attached

Present:  Stan DeBella, Doug Page, Jonathan Ring, Woodraw Smith, Patrick Delaney, Claire Siegel, Mele Lau-Smith, Jacky Chau, Karin Lau, Tony Payne, Katie Pringle, Gayline Tom

Absent (Excused): Marcus Blacksher, Nicole Torres, Clarissa Lee, Anna Mai

X  Minutes of the previous meeting approved


Decision Made/Issues Reviewed

I.  Call to Order

– M Lau-Smith called the meeting to order at 3:47 pm.  There were eight elected members present; a quorum was established.


II.  Approval of 4/11/2012 Meeting Minutes

– S. DeBella moved to approve the 4/11/2012 meeting minutes as presented.  D. Page seconded and the motion was carried unanimously.


III.  Old Business

1.  Balanced Score Card Updates

– M. Blacksher was absent.  The item would be postponed to a future meeting.


IV.  New Business

1.  Priorities for SY 2012/2013 Preliminary Budget

– There would be minimal changes to the preliminary budget; the staffing FTEs and allocation would remain the same, but the number of sections might shift.  The influx of continuous enrollment and student requests dictated how the master schedule is set up and that also determined the number of sections needed.  This fluctuation would cause the previously allocated sections to be different.

– During the preliminary budgeting process, money had been set aside to pay for the department head and AP prep periods.  The contract talk might change that.  At the same time, the school might get more money in the fall.  With all these uncertainties, the site council needed to establish what their priorities were once the Fall Final budget became available.

– Since it was difficult to make specific suggestions given the lack of information, it was felt that the SSC should provide guidance to the administration on the priorities for the SY 12-13 Preliminary budget.  It was agreed that the guidelines should follow the priorities that were developed through the development of the SPPA/Balanced Scorecard.


D. Page moved that when additional fund became available, it would be allocated based on the priorities set forth in the Balanced Scored Card, which were to maintaining small class sizes and increasing teaching positions.  If the admin chose to go outside of these priorities, they would inform the school site council in a timely manner.  C. Siegel seconded and the motion was carried unanimously.



S. Debella moved to adjourn the meeting.  W. Smith seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 4:25 pm.


Minutes taken and prepared by Karin Lau