Department Head Meeting Minutes – August 23, 2012


Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 11:45am.


I.          Check-ins

–Each department talked about their numbers in each section.  Lauren mentioned possible solutions to balance the class sizes.

–Discussion held about distribution of prep periods for teachers.  Many teachers no longer have first period prep.

–Lauren talked about the highest class sizes in each department.  Marcus asked if any periods have low student counts.

–Lauren said there will be a number of class changes and mid-week next week would be a good time to check with Lauren.


–Mat asked for a remedial step to take with students who are high or under the influence.  Marcus said we only go to the police for a first offense if they are selling.  Otherwise they are sent to the Deans’ Office and sent home.


–Ray gave a good report from special ed.  Classes are leveled.

–Ray asked members to tell teachers not to send kids out of class if they are not on the list, as they wander the halls and get in trouble.

–Ray talked about team teaching. Get teacher buy-in. Some teacher(s) are not on board with team teaching. Michelle suggested planning year for two teachers to work together before launching on mapping curriculum.

–Ray talked about caseload size being 2 over 28 for RSP. But moving 2 to SDC to lessen the caseload.

–Ray encouraged teachers to come and see him with questions

–Ray overall having a good opening


–Joseph: classes are slightly bigger, but hard to tell because student leveling is happening

–Joseph said the band is low; 7:30am meeting will be held tomorrow with Marcus, Joseph and Bob Novota.


–David reported lots of movement, now starting to balance out.  He mentioned class cap confusion, so he will talk to Lauren about it.

–Clarification that students not have 2 science classes was discussed.

–Credit recovery is based on space in individual classes—Marcus


II.         ELD changes

–Night School, seniors have priority

–David is a teacher whose been using out of compliance textbook, 130 shy of using adopted textbook. Asked if we should do a Lau law complaint? Marcus will put it on agenda; need to come up with book inventory system school wide; on agenda for next meeting

–Marcus said if you’re short books, dept. heads should email him so he can ask other schools.


–Michelle has no major complaints other than copiers.

–Michelle used CPT time to meet with new teachers yesterday; everyone is bringing class lists to talk about #s today after school during CPT time.

–Michelle mentioned reservations about how teachers will be inputting school loop per principal expectations.


–Kathleen had CPT 2-4:30 meeting yesterday. Teachers are confused of Lau plan and rules. Mixups with ELD. Will impact all classes (the changes).

–Kathleen said ELD classification list by teacher, will be handed out to teachers at next faculty meeting. Can get the list off of data director in “reports”, Jen Fong as author.

–Kathleen will write “cheat sheet” of all codes and distribute.


–Doug mentioned a teacher concerned with how to teach ELD 5 kids. Doug will go over how to tell if they are ELD. Lisa will go over the specifics at this meeting.

–Doug said that all freshmen have been tested. Graded, scored, entered data at CPT time yesterday. Will align it today at CPT time, students will be told on Friday of new placements.

–Doug feels there are too many freshmen classes; consolidate into a higher level to balance.


–Marcus said the 3 day count (check in) hot bodies 1906 + 200 absences (over average #), 30 of the absences are “no shows” and will be dropped.

–Katie said numbers are good and we will make the 2074 we were budgeted for.

–Katie asked all dept. heads tell teachers to keep all kids in their room 3rd period.

–Katie asked dept. heads to have teachers prep #s grade levels and absences, which is helpful.


III.       Room 206

–Lisa said lots of students come in. Asked to remind depts. of “no students” policy. No students on copy machines.  She mentioned the unlocked mailroom, which needs to be locked.

–Joe suggested signage for faculty and students


IV.        ELD Placement.

— Lisa is helping make sure that ELD students are placed correctly.  We will be out of compliance for placement of students incorrectly. Kids need to be moved out of courses into non-ELD courses.  She explained .8 classes are for ELD 1-5 (CELDT level 3 or lower). .6 non-English classes are for non-low level ELD and classes may have LTEL CELDT scores of 1.

–Kathleen – general ed and .6 are lumped together.

–Lisa “party line” to relay to department: kids will be upset not being in a .8 class, and being in .6, remind them that it will be a tough situation that will be a learning one to improve their English. Exposure helps their language acquisition.


V.         Copy machines:

–Call Katie or Linda to locate Thong or Bounmy for fixes. Thong will status check machines in am and pm. Supplies not ordered will be ordered. Linda’s TAs will keep paper available. No staff to have a person dedicated nor someone dedicated during specific times.

–Emphasize: have a “jam” session where a teacher can teach during dept. mtgs on how to clear a jam; no kids copying; feedback requested.

–Lisa: said if there’s a jam in 206 that teachers notice, tell Lisa and she’ll tell Katie.



Meeting adjourned at 12:35pm.