Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – August 30, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:15am.


Leadership Team


I.          Updates


–Lauren explained the reasons for the many schedule changes.  85% is done as of this morning.  It will all be done by the end of today.  Schedules will be distributed to the first period teacher.  Students will begin their new schedules first period tomorrow.  Teachers need to pick up their mail to distribute these schedules.  ELD and Math have the most changes.

–Lauren said some students may not want the changes.  There will be no students allowed in the Counseling Office unless they are registering or have an appointment slip.  Any changes will be made if they can be accommodated.  Most requests will be “no.”

–Michelle asked if teachers would get a new class list.  Lauren said it will be on School Loop by 8am.  New class lists will come in a few days.

–Lauren will put out a notice about class lists on School Loop and the fact that it is the most accurate place for information.

–Kathleen said it is a good idea to make these many changes all at once.

–English had the most changes and Lisa said the English teachers were very accommodating to the changes.

–Doug blamed the poor district assessments on the necessity for all the changes for the students.

–Lauren thanked everyone for adhering to the Tuesday deadline.


            Night School

–Lauren has teachers for English, Science and Math and still needs a Social Studies Teacher.  English—Peters and Kyle, Science—Rivera, Math—Liang.  Registration will begin September 10th and classes will begin on September 17th.  Lauren said each class will meet 2 times a week. Funding is coming from the district. The district has to offer credit recovery.


            Cyber High

–This will be paid for by the district.  Lauren needs someone to organize this.  Allison Wagner did it last year. Lauren will send out an email.  No teachers for this program, only a coordinator.

–Students are allowed to do the course work at home, but must take the tests and quizzes at school.

–All students are able to take courses, but preference is given to seniors.


II.         Due Date for Fall Semester Grades

–Michelle spoke for David.  She mentioned the online calendar notes grades are due at the end of the semester.  She mentioned last year that we had 3 days into the Spring semester to turn in grades.

–Michelle mentioned that teachers would give finals early if the grades are due at the end of the semester.  The last week would find many students in the halls, etc.


–Marcus said that district-wide grades do not go out on a particular level until all schools have turned them in.  Galileo and Lowell were the only high schools last year that did not turn in grades prior to the end of the semester.

–Michelle asked about the final exam schedule.  Bettie said we would have half days for Fall finals.  The schedule has been sent to the district to reflect this.

–The Friday of finals week will be the date for the Winter Assembly.

–Marcus suggested we table this item and discuss it next meeting.

–Grades will be due on Thursday so Connie can process the grades.


III.       Assembly Bell Schedule

–Doug talked about the schedule, with 45-minute classes for 1-4 and then periods 5 and 6 are 55 minutes.

–Discussion followed as to how to alter the schedule.

–Suggestion was made to have 60 minutes for lunch.  Katie said this is a safety issue, as the kids can get involved in activities off campus.

–Katie asked Doug to put together several alternative schedules.


IV.        Back to School Night

–October 11th.  Marcus distributed minutes from last year as to how everyone felt.  He also wants to discuss attendance.

–Stan asked if the other schools were having their open houses on October 11th, and Marcus said that we are not in alignment with the rest of the district.

–Last year parents and students visited classes and other activities were going on.

–Some teachers gave their students extra credit for attendance.

–Parents will get the report cards at the end of the event.  That might help clear out the classrooms at the end of the event.

–Teachers do not discuss grades at this event.

–Doug mentioned the fact that some parents do not follow the schedule.

–Lisa suggested some guidelines for the teachers.  This is not for individual student conferences.

–Jessica asked about clubs and activities.  In a prior year they were in the cafeteria and no one came.  Her staff stayed for long hours.  She discussed the chaos for them in the cafeteria during the 9th grade orientation.  The main hallway or courtyard could be an alternative place.


–All teachers are required to come to Back to School Night.  Some teachers have very valid reasons for not coming.  How do we cover their classes?  Ray said he has 3 teachers who attend evening classes and cannot come.

–Marcus suggested coverage can be arranged within the department.  Lisa said those teachers who will be absent should submit a sub plan.  Marcus suggested a video    or a power point.

–Lisa suggested waiting to see who could not come and deal with it on an individual basis.  Department Heads would coordinate who would cover each period.


Department Head Agenda


I.          Centralized Book Accountability System

–Marcus said that the district has told us that we request more books than any other school in the district.  We need to have a better accountability system so we know what students and teachers do with their books.

–Doug felt we need an accountability system here.  He said that we also need to know the attrition rate for wear and tear, lost books, etc.  Marcus said the district will put something together to show what we ask for.

–Michelle asked if we could use the money collected for lost books to buy new books.  Katie said we could but it is not that much money.  Now the money goes into the ASB account so we can pull funds from there for new books.

–Katie said we need to make teachers and students aware of the fact that we need to pay attention to the books and keep track of them.

–Kathleen does a book round up at the end of the year and gives prizes for students who bring in extra books.

–Stan says students who leave are responsible for many lost books.  He does not sign a card if the student does not return the book, but the student leaves anyway.

–Lauren said Freshmen were not given textbooks yet.

–Doug said the Math Dept. make the changes internally in their department.

–Marcus asked if we could hold the cum folder for a transfer student who does not turn in or pay for books.

–Katie suggested letting Connie and Judie know that students do not get a transfer if the card is not totally signed.

–Marcus asked for all members to bring their department procedure for dealing with textbooks and losses to the next meeting.  We will work on setting up a standardized procedure.

–Ray asked for the funding sources for his paras.  He felt we lost 12 allocated hours.  We have more students now.


II.         3-Day Lesson Plans & Syllabus Submission

–Some of his teachers are complaining that they do this every year.

–Lisa said she will think about it.  But, she also mentioned that teachers teach different classes each year.

–Doug said they would do it department wide.

–Discussion followed.

–Lisa said she could store the information and have the teachers review the plans and syllabus for next year.

–Stan said all syllabi are posted on School Loop.  Email or give a hard copy to Lisa.  Goggle Docs will work well.


III.       Miscellaneous

–Class count—we are below where we need to be.  Wednesday, September 5th will be the district count.  Please emphasize with your teachers not to let students out of class.

–We are budgeted on 2072, and our last count was 1955.  Ray said with Spec. Ed. they have to go by SIS for the count.  Katie said they do “hot body” counts and we need all students in class.  The district will come and physically look at us.  The count will probably be 3°, and there could be more than one visit to each classroom.


–CELDT testing is going well.  Kathleen and her teachers are doing a lot of it.  In the coming week there will be 3 workers who will do the speaking portion of the test.

Students will be pulled in groups of 6 for a longer period of time.  We hope this will be less disruptive.

–September 20 and 21 will be the tests in class—ELD and English classes.

–Lisa said all 400+ students need to be interviewed for 15 minutes.


–Michelle talked about the Bathroom Passes.  When will we get them?  Katie said use the small white ones now, but the larger laminated passes are coming.

–Ray writes his own pass.  Doug says he uses a piece of math equipment that is large.

–Katie said the teachers and students should know that the student has to ask permission to leave the classroom and receives something to take with them.

–Lisa suggested not leaving the passes, etc., right by the door.


–Michelle mentioned the PD calendar.  She said it is confusing for CPT when an email comes the evening before the activity.  Michelle asked for more than 24 hours notice.

–Lisa will post the activities on the Staff Calendar.


–Marcus is getting very concerned about money.  We hoped for $120,000 and that is now down to $80,000.  We use lots of paper and Xerox machines.

–Marcus said we will monitor how much paper we use in the next 4 weeks.

–Doug suggested Donors Choose, asking for paper.  He thought every teacher should do this.

–Katie said there are no more extended hours, no more funds for field trips, no more mass mailings to parents (she will use School Loop).  Discussion of cuts followed. Mention was made of the cost of our Galileo Web and the possibility of using School Loop which is free but not as nice as our website.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.