9/25/12 Meeting Minutes


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA  94109

Room 210 at 3:30 P.M.

Location and Time of Meeting


School Site Council Meeting-September 25, 2012

Marcus Blackshur, Nancy Lambert-Campbell, Anna Mai, Jessica Colvin, Patrick Delaney, Jonathan Ring, Stan DeBella, Lisa Warnke, Woodrow Smith, Doug Page, Sharon Gray, Nicole Torres, Mele Lau-Smith, Katie Pringle

A quorum was established for the meeting to begin.

SY 12-13 Budget Discussion:

Overview of budget documents (attached).

Update Fall final numbers:
• Received more funds in weighted student formula due to additional students.
• Received less in AP funding as the District is basing the number of AP exams on the prior year number and using the non-contractractual formulat.
• More funds in categorical funding for SCE and LEP. The formulat for SCE and LEP funding is based on a snapshot count from the Spring. It has not been updated with Fall numbers.
• Prop H Arts and PE funds reduced somewhat
• The final Fall budget has less of a deficit than the budget that was developed in the Spring. In the Spring the deficit between FY 11-12 and FY 12-13 was about $700,000. Based on the final Fall budget, the reduction from SY 11-12 and SY 12-13 is $427,311.

Discussion on priorities to allocated additional funds for SY 12-13:

• Presentation from Jessica Colvin on using some of the additional funds to fund counselor in Wellness Center. Discussion: These funds could come from ELP funds. Since Kathleen Golata was not present, the SSC noted that the discussion of ELP funds is at the purview of the ELAC and the SSC would recommend to ELAC to use some of the funds for the Wellness Center counselor.
• The non-personnel budget is very small. Recommendation for additional funds be allocated to non-personnel budget.
• Athletic Department and VAPA will decide on reallocation of Prop H and Arts funds.

Discussion of Proposals before the SSC:

• Tutoring program – LEP – K Golata – ELAC
• Additional Counselor for the Wellness Center– LEP funds
• Additional Teacher to provide course for 11th grade students with TA class – WSF funds
• 1 FTE – Intervention Sp/College career counselor – SCE funds
• Increase K.Lau to administrative position – SCE funds
• School supplies/Lab supplies – WSF funds
• Extended hours/prep for standardized test proctor – WSF

The SSC made the following recommendation:

The funds from WSF allocated to non-personnel budget
1 FTE Intervention Specialist/College Career funded with SCE funds. Balance of SCE funds allocated to non-personnel
Recommend to ELAC that portion of LEP funds be allocation to Wellness Center counseling position.

S. DeBella put a motion forth to adopt the above recommendations. P.Delaney seconded the motion.

Motion passed unanimously.

Future Discussion for SSC:

Review funding priorities and develop funding allocation standard. For example, a certain percentage of funds go to non-personnel categories, personnel, etc.

Next SSC meeting to review and approve the Fall final budget was scheduled for Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 3:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned.