Leadership Team/Department Head Meeting Minutes – October 25, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.

Go Giants!!


Leadership Team


I.          Wellness/UCSF School Wide Agenda

–Jessica and Susan presented information about the Substance Abuse Assembly last year.  They said this was the best assembly on this topic they have ever seen.  They would like to bring this one back and the presenter is loyal to Galileo.

–Jessica said that if a student is caught using drugs illegal substances on campus, they are assigned to 3 substance abuse sessions.  We have 35 cases so far this year.

–They explained the physiology of what illegal substances do to the body.  The students were really engaged.  They way he presents the subject is memorizing to the students and the adults.

–Jessica said this is the last year he can present to Galileo as he is finishing his residency.  He can bring 40 residents with him this year from UCSF.  They can come for a morning on a block day.  The date is March 21st.  We need to let them know as soon as possible.  We have never had a double assembly schedule on a block day.

There would be debriefings by the 40 residents.

–Jessica asked the group what they think of this.  Wellness had never done a school-wide assembly.

–Stan suggested that we not have block schedule that week.

–Joseph suggested flip flopping Tuesday and Thursday that week.

–Ms. Maroun has a theater presentation that week.

–Discussion followed about various possible schedules.

–Joseph suggested running 4 assemblies so they are smaller.  Smaller audiences usually mean the kids are more focused.

–David said he is concerned about moving the kids in smaller groups.

–Jessica will bring back several schedule options in the next few weeks.

–Susan said the presenter touches on all disciplines—math, science, English, etc.

–Stan suggested 3 assemblies on a block day with prep materials, but the presenters are only able to be here in the morning.

–The presenter’s perspective is from the ER and what happens with substance abuse and what they see in the ER.

–Susan said she has never seen this great a program in all the 40 years she has been working with youth and families.

–Kathleen would like to get prep materials so they can have them translated.

–Marcus thanked Jessica and Susan for their work on this.

–The presenter will do a presentation for the staff ahead of the student presentation.


II.         Assembly Bell Schedule

–Marcus asked for feedback from the group.

–ELD liked #5, Social Studies #5, Math #1and #5, English and VPA did not discuss.

David said anything would be fine.  World Language said that as well.

–Decision made, Schedule #5.


III.       CPT/PD Committee

–Marcus asked everyone to think about how we develop the CPT/PD calendar for the future.  We need to look at needs and priorities for the school.  Please discuss with your department.  We will discuss at next meeting.


IV.        Food Fest Parameters

–Kathleen asked about homemade food.  Mr. Wing said that is not allowed. The student nutrition policy says homemade food is OK.  She also asked about sugar, etc.


–Susan brought the nutrition guidelines.  She also emailed everyone the guidelines.  She talked about the terrible food our students eat and the huge obesity problem in our youth today.


–Entrees from homemade food and restaurants are OK, but anything else must meet the student nutrition guidelines.

–Susan talked about events in the past where students ate healthy food.  She mentioned some foods that she felt students would buy.

–David asked if the system now is on the “honor system?”  Marcus said they sell the junk on those 4 days at other schools.  He has been talking to students in the hallways about selling candy by clubs and classes.

–Susan said public law is involved.

–Jessica said we were in the newspaper several years ago for not following the nutrition guidelines.

–Michelle thought the sponsors of clubs should have these guidelines sent to them again.

–Doug felt that the meetings prior to food fests address what is acceptable to sell and what is not.  Many teachers and sponsors do not know what was allowed and what is not allowed.

–David felt it would be good to have a list of ingredients at sales or nutritional information.

–Marcus said we would put out a concise email about this topic.


Department Head Agenda


I.          Budget Check-In (Google doc)

–Katie asked everyone if they got the document.  She asked if anyone has questions.

She said that most of the money went into supplies.  Please let her know by the end of the day tomorrow what you need.  She needs to lump all the departments together this time.  She will do budget transfers and these will then be reflected on the Google doc.

–Stan asked about Bio Tech and how much money they need.  He mentioned a number of pieces of equipment that he needs repaired.

–Marcus said Science always needs more money than other departments.  At other schools, many departments always chip in to Science.


II.         Department Budget Allocations

–David said Science has to spend all their money on supplies.  They do not have the option of field trips, sending teachers to PD, etc., because of the consumables they use every year.  He feels it is an equity issue and doing the allocations based on just the number of students does not meet the needs of the Science Department.  He is asking for a “bump” above the other departments.

–Doug agreed with David.  He also mentioned that we used to have a “tech” budget but we no longer have this.  He must replace computers with his budget.

–Michelle said they have to replace novels and she wants to see what funds are recovered for lost English books.

–Katie said the lost textbook recovery funds are not set by department and Connie keeps the records internally.

–Michelle asked for the process for asking for these funds.  Katie will check on this.

–Michelle said she would like to take charge of collecting funds for lost textbooks and then use these funds to purchase more books.


–David thought each department should have a basic operating funds and then the rest should be shared.


–Mat said what every his department has left over, they would share with the departments in need.

–Ethan mentioned past practices of larger classes getting more supplies.  The SSC decides if the money goes to teachers or supplies.

–Leah said if we need money for supplies to effectively teach the classes, then we might not have money for conferences, etc.

–Ethan asked what the department budgets are for this year.  Katie referred to the Google doc for the information.


–Doug asked how Katie broke the budget down.  She said it was based on the number of students.


–Stan said we never see any accounting on the club accounts.  Katie said it is listed on the outside of the accountant’s door.  It is updated weekly.  Joseph suggested it should be put on a Google doc.  Katie said the accountant uses accounting software that we do not have.

–David suggested we find out if she can present this information to us digitally.  Question was asked as to whether we want this information public.

–Class sponsors should know accountability for class funds.


–Katie said many of the departments have special needs and could make a pitch as to why they need extra funds.  Katie will rearrange the funds as to how the departments want.

–Doug suggested Science identify the dollar amounts per student for consumables in chemistry, biology, etc.  Discussion followed.

–Stan said Biotech needs $3,000-$5,000 for consumable supplies.  Bio Tech 2 is more expensive than Bio Tech 1.

–Katie reminded everyone that we might be looking at further budget cuts if the election results are not positive on Prop 30 and Prop 38.

–The question was asked—“Should we spend now?”  The answer is yes.  Downtown can freeze the budget any time.

–Marcus asked David to do his bare bones budget and let him see it.


III        Master Scheduling

–Nancy said Eleanor MarBeshears is taking on the scheduling of the Academies.  This will begin the first week in January.

–Counselors will visit classrooms the week of January 21st to register students.

–Michelle asked if the counselors would visit the English classes.  Nancy said that has always been the easiest as everyone takes English.  This is over a 2-3 week span.

–Counselors will email the English teachers and the teachers will say when is the best time.

–Michelle asked about scheduling for AP and Honors classes—how or will we recruit for those classes.

–Students should sign up for Honors and AP classes they want and then schedule changes will only happen the first 3 weeks of school.

–Nancy said she is supposed to be done with the Master Schedule by May.

–David asked about the window for AP teachers getting a prep or a stipend.  Marcus and Nancy will discuss this and let the members know.

–Doug mentioned that some kids sign up for classes they are not capable of taking.  Screening should happen by March.

–Nancy mentioned problems with the district SIS.

–Marcus asked if anyone had a problem with changing the meeting to Wednesdays.  It would involve a change of prep periods for the members.


IV.        Course Titles

–Nancy will need to change course titles.  She asked for help in this process.  When she changes titles, grades disappear from School Loop.

–Doug said you can merge the classes before they begin.  Discussion followed on processes and problems.

–Some name changes are necessary so students get the proper credit.

–Doug suggested Nancy work with someone from School Loop and then we have a process to walk teachers through this. These changes must be done before the end of the semester.


V.         CFA Analysis CPT

–Next Wednesday we will do CFA Analysis.  You can look at English and Math or whatever you like.  Lisa will get Data for any group that wants it.  Lisa will provide a goal and questions departments of clusters can ask.  Look at the assessments and work with your information.


–Marcus would like to know the location of each cluster meeting.


VI.        Creative Clustering

–Lisa asked Michelle to talk about how the English Department does clustering—Clusters are set up by grade level.  Some teachers are teaching multiple levels, but each teacher will focus on one grade level.  They will focus on one project.

–In each cluster someone is appointed as the leader to take attendance, take notes, and report back to the whole department.

–Last week they worked with the “Thesis Statement.” Everyone reported back.  Then they talk about what has to be scaffolded.  She tries to focus on everyone doing the same thing, except for grade level.  Now it is transitioning into grade level appropriate.


–Ray said clusters happen twice a month.  He asked if once a month was enough for Special Ed.  They may not have time for 2 clusters per month.  He asked the members for their thoughts.


VII.      Miscellaneous

–Doug mentioned that Ray has students take the STAR test and this is the honest and direct way to do this.  Other schools do not all do this.  We are looking good.

–Ray mentioned the CMA test and the scores.

–Lisa talked about Spec. Ed. students with IEP’s who are in regular classes.  We need to open the lines of communication between regular teachers and Special Ed teachers.  Having Spec. Ed. teachers going to clusters is helping.

–Stan said there should be leveling of Special Ed students between classes.

–Ray said there should be a cap for each class and he mentioned 10%.

–He said some of the Regular Ed teachers are cooperative and others are not, so some classes have more Special Ed students.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45am.