Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2012


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Leadership Team


I.          Final Exam Schedule

–Marcus distributed a proposed schedule.  He mentioned that we never came to a final decision.  The group reviewed the document.

–Thursday and Friday will be half days.  It will be 8am – 1pm including lunch.

–Lisa said that the deans want Thursday and Friday to be totally structured for students.  Marcus said the official line is “Students must be here.”

–Lisa asked how the make-up exams work.  David said the students go where they need to go to make up their exams.

–One problem is students who just show up and walk the halls.

–Stan suggested a video in the auditorium for those with no classes.


II.         Winter Assembly Schedule/Date

–Marcus met with ASB last week and they would like to have the assembly on Dec. 14th.  They feel there will be better participation than on Dec. 21st.

–Leah talked about the practice AP tests and the time they take.

–Joseph said we are only talking about 10 minutes of instructional time if the assembly is on Dec. 14th.

–David and Leah mentioned the distractions of the assembly.

–Stan said that those students who are in the assembly put a lot of effort into the show.

–Lisa said it seems too last minute at this time to move the assembly to December 7th.  She also felt moving it at all seems last minute.

–Marcus called for a vote on the 7th, 14, or 21st.  2 voted for the 7th, 2 voted for the 14th.   The assembly will be on December 21st.


–Discussion followed on the schedule for December 21st.

–Lisa said Option 2 would allow some class work during 4th period.

–Option 2 will be the schedule for 12/21.


III.       BSC Review

–Marcus distributed copies of the Balanced Score Card.  He explained the process of developing it and distributed updated copies of the document.

–Lisa discussed updated data information.  She hoped for individual meetings on this document, for Section 2, Fall Data Review, pages 4-7. Marcus apologized for printing an out dated copy.  He will provide the current copy to everyone in  their mailboxes.


—Doug mentioned an article he read in a local newspaper that discussed a technique of testing/not testing Special Ed. students.  We are above board and test our Special Ed. students.


IV.        Ordering School Wide Supplies

–Doug asked about school-wide supplies, like Kleenex.  He wanted to know if these had to be ordered by departments.

–Michelle said departments did not have budgets at the beginning of the year.  Do we need to now allocate Kleenex from district budgets?

–Doug also asked about scantrons.  Are these school wide supplies?  Ink comes into the same category. CLA activity also used scantrons.

–Katie said we will always have paper, water and Xerox machines that work.  We have some Kleenex.

–Doug felt that Kleenex falls under general and the school should pay for this.  Katie will add Kleenex to the list.

–David asked where to buy scantrons.  Respondents said check the Warehouse Catalogue.

–David asked about bulbs for LCD projectors.  Katie said we have 200 or so now.

–Ink for printers will be covered by Thong Ly.  Katie will check with him.


V.         Paper and Water Usage

–People are hoarding paper and water.  Katie asked for feedback to deal with this and curb the hoarding—to inspire responsible use.

–David asked if there is a way to find out how much usage there are on the machines and if this corresponds with the amount of paper usage.

–Either way we need to show more responsible use of paper.

–Katie would like to promote responsible use of paper and copy machines.

–David suggested a copy machine in-service at the start of next year.

–Kathleen suggested responsible students doing the copying.  Talk continued with the thought of having a para do the copying.  Teachers would have to turn in copy requests 24 hours ahead of time.

–We are 1/3 of the way through the school year and we have used ½ of our paper supply.

–David asked if we have more teachers this year.

–Michelle said she knows that many students are printing out their homework here on campus.  She asked where that paper comes from.

–David asked if we could limit student printing.

–Katie asked everyone to have a conversation with their department about responsible use of paper.

–Marcus said we will look at the notes and return to the next meeting with some hard data.

–Joseph suggested monitoring 307 and machines and paper for one day.


VI.        Youth Vote/ Student Surveys

–Katie reminded everyone to turn them in.  Return them to the boxes in her outer office.


VII.      Slow School Traffic Signs

–Kathleen talked of hearing all the accidents on Bay Street.  She talked of Denise LeBiavant requesting this for many years.

–Nancy said we have called in past years and nothing has been done.


VIII.     School Site Council Membership

–Stan said we have used the SFUSD make-up for membership.  This was 4 classroom teachers and one non-classroom personnel.  He checked the union guidelines and he explained those as more extensive.  All groups must be represented and the UBC rep is one of the teacher members.

–He also checked the State guidelines and they are the same as the union, but do not require the UBC rep to be one of the classroom teachers.

–His proposal is to have 2 teachers, 2 community members, 2 parents, 2 students, 1 para, 1 SEIU worker, 1 non-classroom teacher, 2 classroom teachers including 1 UBC rep. Community members cannot be employed by the district.  Parent members should not be working at the school site.

–Stan wants to put this in front of the SSC, but they do not meet until December and he would like to get this going before then.  He put this before the UBC and they said they would abide by what the Leadership Team votes.

–Each representative group would only vote for their representative.

–Marcus said the Leadership Team is not a decision making group.  We can make a recommendation.  The SSC can vote via email.

–Doug asked where we get the community members.  Lisa said we put feelers out and then get resumes, and then make decisions.

–Membership is for 2 years. It as suggested that perhaps community members do not serve consecutive terms.


–Stan talked about the problem of para representatives as they leave earlier than the end of the school day.

–Michelle asked about the possibility of a 3rd student on the SSC who was not an ASB officer.

–Stan said that the rules say that the classroom teachers have to be in the majority.

–Students could be represented by one ASB officer and 1 other student.

–Vote—unanimous to follow the UBC guidelines.


Department Head Meeting


I.          Master Schedule

–Nancy talked about changing course titles and the affect it would have on School Loop.  No changes will be made until after this grading period.  Next grading period she will communicate with everyone on how to do the changes.

–Joseph asked for the number of changes in names.  Nancy said there are some in Science, some in ELD, College and Career, Math.


–Communications will come from Nancy about moving to Synergy.  Counselors will go to classes during the 3rd week of January.


II.         Peer Observation Feedback

–Lisa asked the group for feedback.  How did it go, was it useful and meaningful?

–Stan said we have a lot of talent in the building and he liked going and seeing how other teachers do things.

–Michelle said English loves it and it is really beneficial for the new teachers.  She thinks it is a low-key way of guiding new teachers.

–Doug said it was good for his department.  There are a lot of good teachers in the building and it is good to get new ideas.

–David said it is really good for the new teachers.  He felt they should be encouraged to do more of this activity.

–Stan said some teachers do not want to observe other teachers and do not want to be observed unless it is for an evaluation.  He has heard this as a UBC rep.

–Mat said there were a few of his teachers who went across curriculum and they found it helpful.  David said that also happened in his department.

–Joseph said it is fantastic to see what is going on in other classrooms.


III.       Instructional Leadership

–Lisa asked how can we move to support instruction more in this school?  How can we structure this in the future?  She said she is not an expert in all subjects.  What are the members’ ideas for supporting instruction in the school?

–Michelle said some of the work done in departments could be modeling how to teach a lesson.  Most of the work includes business, or CFA’s, cluster meetings.  The way CPT is structured now, there is not time for supporting instruction with a teacher sharing the modeling of a lesson.

–Stan said there used to be district wide PD’s by department and members did some instruction and demonstrations.  He felt we could put on our own here at Galileo.

–Joseph mentioned what they did last year—observing other teachers in his department in the Fall and then teaching them a lesson in the spring.


IV.        Spring CPT Time

–Lisa distributed the plans for Spring 2013.

–Joseph asked about “The Amazing Race at Galileo.”  Lisa said this comes from an activity she did in graduate school and she discussed trivia questions about Galileo, staff, etc.

–Stan said “The Curricular Planning in Teams” is too vague.

–Lisa would like everyone to take this back to their departments for feedback.

–Stan asked about the April 10 and 11 Common Core State Standards Planning. Lisa said these are coming and will be a reality.

–Lisa explained the Peer Observation Planning.

–Stan would like one of the CPT sessions in the spring to be a Retirement Planning session to present new guidelines.  Lisa asked everyone to bring it up with their departments.

–Please give her feedback by Tuesday 11/13/12.

–She asked everyone to please turn in the sign-in sheets from your meetings.  She is also trying to learn where the student teachers are each period.  She distributed the sign-in sheets.  She also asked if the minutes from all meetings are being taken and turned in.  She has not received any of them.


V.         Feedback on CLAs

–Mat said the CLAs was a good learning activity for his department.  He felt they need to devote more meeting time to select questions.  In order for the results to be more meaningful, there needs to be more planning.


–Stan said the Chemistry CLAs were mirroring what Mat said.  They had more discussions on the questions, rather than the results.

–Doug said some of his teachers were more serious about the CLAs than others and then how they presented it to the students.  Part of the grade or not part of the grade?  They will work on a cohesive strategy for addressing the CLAs.

–Joseph used assessments they are already giving and did not design a new test.  This was part of the curriculum and grades.  Kathleen said her department did the same.

–Michelle said they are seeing more from the CFAs and this is working for them.

–David said he noticed the scores going up in the afternoons.

–Marcus thanked everyone for going through the process.  This is about teaching and reflecting on what we are doing.  He said the PTSA was asking for this.

–Mat said they felt that some of their questions were not very good.

–Michelle wants to use the same questions to see if there is improvement in the spring.


Meeting adjourned at 11:40am.