Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Marcus told everyone that Nancy had a death in the family and will be away until Monday.  She will get the registration sheets out to the department heads next Monday.  They will be due prior to Winter Break.


Ms. Field and AoHT would like to have a festival in the courtyard on December 14th to raise money.  They will be selling items and having food delivered.  Ethan asked about back up in case of rain.  Marcus suggested the 2nd floor hallway.  There will be 7-10 tables.  This is a project for the students.  They will come up with the products.


Leadership Team


I.          Final Exam Schedule

–Marcus distributed a new final exam schedule.  He explained that we were called on the carpet by the district for not having enough instructional minutes.  We will have a homeroom for 40 minutes—we will call this a “Nutritional Homeroom.”  The final exams will be 2 hours and 15 minutes.

–Ray asked about the Special Ed busses on 3 days.  We will have them but we have to pay for them.

–We will talk about next year’s bell schedule at the next meeting.


II.         Class Observations

–Marcus asked for Lisa if the teachers would be willing to have Lisa and Bissa come and observe the classes. Joseph, Doug, Kathleen, Stan, Ethan, Michelle, Mat, Leah said Yes.  Ray said No.  Mat asked if they would be notified in advance.


III.       Substance Abuse Assembly Schedule

–Jessica distributed a proposed schedule for that day, March 21, 2013.

–The left column shows a normal Thursday schedule.

–This schedule would eliminate Homeroom and there would be 15 minutes less in the class times.

–Jessica explained the logistics of the assembly, the discussion after the assembly and there will be time for the regular class, which will be 15 minutes shorter than the normal block period.

–Allison said there has been an increase in marijuana use this year so this assembly will be very beneficial.

–The schedule was approved by the group.


IV.        Academic Integrity

–Allison asked if there is a school wide policy concerning cheating.  She said she and Mr. Emmi are noticing periods of time during the year when cheating is prevalent.

–They ask the teacher for their policy and if the students know it.  They talk to the student and then have the student write a letter of apology, and a paragraph about academic integrity. Then they set up a conference with the parent, the student, the teacher, the counselor and the Dean.


–David said we had discussed the need for a bare minimum of what will happen if a student cheats.  All students need to know this.

–Allison asked if we need more than this and David said we definitely do need more.  He would like a teacher component added—like the student should fail that assignment.

–Michelle asked if the school wide policy is in addition to each teacher’s individual policy.  The levels of plagiarism in the school vary.

–Allison felt the Deans’ Office would put out a policy, including a 0 on an assignment where the student cheated.

–Doug said that some students may not be clear on all forms of academic dishonesty.

–Doug also said that cheating does not necessarily happen in front of the teacher the work is for, but in front of another teacher.  Katie indicted a school wide policy would cover this.  Joseph mentioned a part of Balboa’s policy—someone who gives someone else homework to copy is just as guilty.


–Michelle asked for the insertion of sources students use for their outside papers.


–Kathleen felt that there should be some education to the students about cheating.  She mentioned that students cheat on the CAHSEE exam.

–Michelle said her department is having more in class writing exams due to the Internet.  They also get an initial sampling of student writing at the beginning of the year to have a benchmark for each student.


–Michelle asked about repeat offenses.  David said that Lincoln does a really nice job in this area.  Allison said they have not had a lot of repeat offenders.  She said that the students break down and cry within 7 minutes, and they have not had repeat offenders who were caught in the last year.


–David suggested using Lincoln’s policy.  He would like to go through it and see if there were some things he did not agree with.


–Lauren mentioned situations that are dealt with by the teacher and don’t have to go to the Dean’s Office.  Teachers should keep track of the offenses.  Katie suggested putting this information into the online referral system.


–Allison said they have only received 1 written referral this year—all the rest have been online.  David said that once teachers write a referral they can access referrals from other teachers.

–Allison would like to see “Deans’ Office Referral Written and Entered into Permanent Record.”  This will be of value to those students who are anxious to go to college.

–Katie would like to have the group take this to their departments and then review with the students, particularly with finals coming up.

–Kathleen suggested using SSR time to address academic honesty, perhaps with a power point presentation.

–Michelle discussed doing this as teachers give reviews for their finals.

–David suggested having students sign an agreement.

–Marcus asked how we could get this back from the students who have to get their parent’s signature

–Lauren suggested students sign in class and return that to the teacher.

–Katie felt that the signature does not mean much for the kids.  She felt that if the form was distributed in Homeroom, on G-House TV, and discussed in every class that would be enough.

–David felt that the parents need to know this information.  Katie said this is in the handbook, and that the school can suspend.

–It can also be published on School Loop.

–Let Allison know by tomorrow if you have suggestions, etc.

–Doug asked about transitional students and how we handle them. Discussion followed concerning the advantages and disadvantages of identifying these students to all teachers.

–Katie said that Wellness and Counseling work with the EWI students.  EWI—Early Warning Indicator—based on attendance and GPA.  This comes from Data Director.  Transitional Student information is more comprehensive.

–Jessica said the EWI list should be shared with students.  She also suggested sending both list and saying the students on the list are either EWI or transitional, but not identify who is on what list.

–David said he would like to know if students he refers are placed on the lists.  Katie said Donald shares his caseload with the staff.


V.  Update on Slow School Zone Signs

–Katie called 311 twice and now she put Kelli Mallen on it.  Kelli is going to the Supervisor.


VI.        Miscellaneous

–David asked about CPT. Marcus said it is on the UBC agenda today.


Meeting adjourned at 11:05am.