Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – 12/13/12


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Leadership Team


I.          AP Course Enrollment/New Contract

–Michelle asked how we would handle the concept of open enrollment into the AP classes, given the new contract.  If the course has 25 students, the teacher is given an AP prep.  What happens if a student drops a class—does the teacher lose the AP prep?

–Nancy said she has no plans to change the 7-step process for a student to drop a class.  Nancy would not change the Master Schedule if a student drops the class.  Marcus said the AP preps will stay as they are in place at the beginning of the school year.

–Michelle asked if the district would do an audit during the year.

–As of right now, with 25 students in an AP class, the teacher will get an AP prep.

–Nancy said that they would talk to the district if an audit proceeds.

–At the semester, students could leave an AP class only if they are failing or getting a D.

–Doug said his department is always over enrolled and mentioned evaluating those students who want to enroll in an AP class.

–David said that each department probably does this differently.  David feels this is up to the AP teacher.

–Doug says he fits in as many students as he can that will fit in the room.


–David asked about how the counselors handle students signing up for multiple AP classes.  Lauren said they talk to the students, the parents, and they counsel them.

–Nancy said last year if students had 3 or more AP or honors classes, they meet with the student to make sure the students know what they are getting into.

–Lauren suggested teachers give the counselors an idea of how many hours of homework each level has would help when the counselors talk to the students.


–David asked if we should get parental signatures for more than 3 of these classes.

–Nancy said this year there are not as many students who are overwhelmed.  She mentioned 5 cases.

–David also mentioned students who do not do well in the AP classes.

–Nancy said she needs feedback on Google registration sheets she sent to everyone by the end of finals week.

–David asked about course descriptions.  Nancy said it was online.

–Ray asked about .71 Chemistry and when it will be on the item deck.

–Leah wanted to look at the AP Native Spanish speaker.


–Nancy said that freshmen will now have a choice of a VPA course or a World Language class.


II.         Winter Assembly Details

–Joseph asked for clarification on 1 assembly or 2.

–Marcus said we plan for 2 but it will probably be 1.

–We will call the first group down and see how it goes.


III.       Traffic Sign for Bay Street

–Kathleen wants to keep it on the agenda until it happens.

–Lisa said Katie has been making phone calls.


IV.        Finals Week Suggestions

–Mat asked if Homeroom would be Nutrition time.  Answer is Yes.

–Question was asked about the computer labs and homeroom.  There will be signs posted next week and the labs will only be for study.


V.         Dress Code

–Katie talked about a student at the football banquet who was inappropriately dressed.  She looked in the Student Handbook and found a dress code.  She also added something from Balboa’s dress code.  Students will be sent home if they are dressed inappropriately.

–Please review these policies with your department.  Students can wear their PE uniforms or get clothes in the Deans’ Office.

–This is district policy and in the handbook.  We need to be consistent about this now and remind students.

–This is not something to suspend students for.

–Lauren asked if students could make up work for the time they are off campus to change.

–Call the Deans’ Office if you are unsure about dress or behavior.  If teachers feel uncomfortable addressing students, call the Deans.

–Doug mentioned the past and students not wearing hats.  If there is not consistency, it will break down.  Katie said this is also a safety issue.

–Doug would like to take this out of the teacher’s responsibility and give it to the Deans, counselors or administrators.

–Allison spoke about classroom rules and what the teacher’s rules are.


VI.        Mandatory Lesson

–January 18th on Internet Safety.  Everybody has to do this.  This is funding for the state.  It will be during a specific period.

–Michelle asked if the video is culturally sensitive.

–Marcus will distribute copies of the directions.

–The state will capture the attendance for that date and period.

–Joseph suggested we air it on G-House TV.

–Michelle asked about the TV networks not working with the change over.

–Katie said they switched from analog to digital and now each TV must have a box.  They will provide 3 boxes.  Each new box is $1.99 per month.

–Katie will deal with Comcast.


Department Heads


I.          CLA

–Marcus distributed district information to apply for up to $2,000 in extended hours to work on CLAs.  Principals have been asking for compensation.  Let Lisa or Marcus know if you are interested.

–Marcus would like to see work on the CFAs and CLAs that we have been doing in English and Math.

–This is a project outside of the classroom.

–We will table this item until the next meeting.


II.         CPT Calendar Spring 2013

–Lisa thanked everyone for working with her and meeting with her.

–Lisa distributed the CPT calendar and did some highlighting.

–Yellow times are those each member should do the planning.  Lisa offered some suggestions.

–In January please let her know what you will be doing on those days—goals, activities, location, etc.  There is a share folder on Google Docs you can use.  She would like them to be all in that folder.

–Lisa said this folder is a living document and members can make changes.

–Lisa mentioned the new grade level team meetings and how they would work.  This will be on January 10th.


III.       Balanced Score Card Data

–On January 16th there will be Balanced Score Card work in departments.  How do we pull out what is useful and how do we find out what is meaningful will be the topic on January 9th.  Then on the 16th, each department will be able to look at department data.  Lisa asked what each member would need to lead this meeting.

She mentioned needs, growths, etc.  Let Lisa know what data you want.

–David asked for a list of guiding questions.


IV.        Common Core

–Lisa said the Common Core is coming and will affect English and Math in a very extreme way, but it affects everyone across the board.

–The district has come up with some smart test questions they will provide.

–The Common Core Standards will be in effect in a year and a half—the implementation will occur at that time.

–She distributed one from Algebra and one from English for the group to look at.


–Michelle said in her department they learned that the standards have changed.  She said they looked at student work, what they are teaching, and what the standards are.  She said it was eye opening.  There are more demands from the students.  This is an elevation from what we have done in the past.  Much will depend on what the middle schools do with this and then what we do as the students enter high school.

–Joseph heard a report on MPR radio from Chicago, and it mentioned the test scores went down.

–Discussion followed.


V.         ELL Next Steps

–Bissa is here for the meeting.  She spoke of the QTEL activities.  We received the Newcomer students when that school closed and we have the Lau walk through from last year.  She explained some of her activities.

–She asked for feedback on ways to move forward around ESL strategies.  She asked about ideas for professional development and what would be helpful.  When the IOC or Federal Government comes again, what would be helpful to move ahead?

–Michelle said the negative feedback from the past came from too much material for the time period.  It is hard to find time in CPT to do multiple presentations.

–Doug said that all the PD’s do not incorporate a math classroom.  This is frustrating for the Math teachers.


–Bissa is looking for ways to make things better.

–Ray said there is no discussion about language acquisition.  We have many students come with lower levels.  No discussion on how we learn language.

–Stan said folks were upset about the critique, but our scores are getting better.

–Leah said the model lessons they were given are geared toward the students, and not necessarily the teachers. Adult learners are not being engaged.

–David said that we need to start focusing on subject area groups, rather than the general sessions.


VI.        Miscellaneous

–Michelle mentioned 2 years ago that we eliminated 9th grade honors.  This was supposed to be district wide.  She said there are still some 9th grade honors classes.  She asked if it is a possibility to reinstate 9th grade honors.  Nancy will look into this.


–Doug asked Nancy when she needs to know if some students cannot move on to the next Math level. She needs this information ASAP.


–David mentioned the Science Department budget and asked for extra funds.  He has some items that need replacing.  He also cannot send anyone to conferences.


–The PTSA and GAA are asking for grant applications.  Marcus said they are not getting enough applications.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45am.