1/21/2013 Meeting Minutes


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA  94109

Room 210 at 3:30 P.M.

Location and Time of Meeting


School Site Council Meeting-January 21, 2013


Marcus Blackshur – Principal
Betty Grinnell – Classified Rep
Mele Lau Smith – parent
Claire Seigal – parent
Jackie Peters – teacher
Stan DeBella – teacher
Doug Page – teacher
Jonathan Ring – teacher
Anna Mai – student rep
Jessica Suen – alternate
Brian Tong – alternate
Nicole Torres (absent)
Andrew Huang – student rep
Mr. Kyle – alternate
Vera Robinson – alternate
Nancy Lambert – Assistant Principal
Lisa Warnke – Assistant Principal

1. Review of Fall Revision of Balanced Scorecard:

Fall Revision of balanced scorecard was sent out via email and distributed at the SSC meeting

Suggestion in developing the BSC is rather than asking questions in the note section to re-phrase to note whether more analysis would be useful to understand information.

Include in SY 13-14 BSC be sure to include goals/objectives to increase student participation and communication to entire student body. Teachers support of the communication from ASB students to their peers. Similar experience in the PTA.

There is concern that some homerooms are turning off G House TV.

Page 8: Common Planning – Brought up the point that departments have less time for common planning time for departments. Previously, there were 8 hours of professional development – 7 hours/month for department led meetings and now there is 3 hours/month for departments.

Current BSC has a lot related to Math and English. It would be useful to have discussions related to topics other than Math and English for the next BSC discussion.

Departments chose sections of the BSC to review and will give feedback to administration for revisions. Final revisions to be at SSC meeting.

2. Review of BSD Development Plan & BSC next plans

• Preparation for development of 13-14 BSC – look at measurable outcomes and review data. 2010-2011 baseline and 2011-12 data.

New Data information:

• Demographic data of clubs – student involvement
• Look at data related to attrition rates for students
• 11th grade scores for ELA and Advanced Algebra to understand why the rates are significantly higher.
• Is there a SFUSD proficiency rate for Algebra at the high school level.
• # of students in class of 2013 who are college eligible

3. SSC Summit

The summit is scheduled for March 2nd most likely at Everett Middle School.

4. Next meeting: Wednesday, February 20th from 3:30-5:30
5. Meeting Adjourned at 5:05pm