Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – January 24, 2013


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:10am. Marcus distributed various documents.


Leadership Team


I.          Special Ed Inclusive Alignment

–Ray went to the Special Ed. district wide department head meeting yesterday.  He mentioned that Special Ed teachers must be assigned to classrooms.  He also said that Special Ed teachers cannot teach content if they do not have the subject credential.  All Special Ed students must be taught by single subject credentialed teachers.

–John O’Connell, Burton and Aptos have already done this.  Mission and Presidio are also close to Full Inclusion.

–The strategic goal is 80% or more with disabilities will spend 80% or more time in regular ed. classes with appropriate support.

–Ray said this will affect the Master Schedule.  He mentioned Specialized Instruction.

–The planning to move the students into regular classes is happening now.  This is not a class size issue.

–Ray mentioned his credentials and what he can and cannot teach with the new requirements.


–Marcus asked about those students who could not make it in regular classes.  Ray said they will be in remedial classes, taught by remedial teachers.  These students will not get diplomas.

–Ray mentioned combining his geometry class with Mr. Flisak’s class.


–We have 20 Special Ed students that will not be integrated.  We have 160-180 Special Ed students.  Ray will give everyone the numbers for next year.  Marcus explained how the student allocation will work with Special Ed students in regular classes.  We will have fewer General Ed students to make the allocation balance.


There is not a specific time line to have all the requirements implemented.  Ray said at any given time, 20% of the SDC students will remain in SDC.  Changes will have to be made in elementary school.

–Marcus said this whole issue is about compliance.  He gave Ray kudos for having so many Special Ed students in regular classes.

–Ray said those students who were not behaving well are benefiting from being in the Regular Ed classes.

–Ray said we have 11 Special Ed teachers who do not teach the severely impaired.

Ray indicated that this won’t happen by the fall.  He did say that all teachers will be team teaching.  He also said the current CPT structure will not be helpful for this new planning.

–How will we match up the content teachers and the Special Ed teachers?

–Ray ran through a series of frequently asked questions about this new program.

–The plan is to get all Special Ed teachers (Special Ed specialists) into the classroom full time.

–Leah asked where this system came from and Ray said it is nationwide.  He mentioned some states have tiered a diploma system.


–Lauren said this plan changes the way students are counseled.  This has been a topic of discussion in the counseling office


II.         ASB Proposed Student Activity Dates

–Marcus distributed a document with set dates and some proposed change of dates.

–Graduation has changed to May 30th, but we do not have a rehearsal date.

–Marcus said the district did hear us that it was not fair to hold graduation on May 31st, a furlough date.

–Michelle mentioned that some students have made flight arrangements prior to May 31st.  Janet Schulze will write a letter to the airlines.  We do not know if the airlines will honor the letter for changes in airline tickets.

–Move-Up Assembly proposed for 5/17—during AP testing.  Move-Up Assembly cannot be on that day.


III.       Spring 2013 Final Exam Schedule

–We need to plan Senior Finals, Clearance and Regular Finals.

–Marcus proposed exams on Friday, May 24, Tuesday, May 28 and Wednesday, May 29 with make-ups on May 30th.

–Michelle said senior English teachers rely on the block periods for senior finals.

–Marcus suggested senior finals on May 22 and 23.  Lauren said that would not be enough time for clearance.

–Nancy checked the AP tests schedule for conflicts with senior finals.

–Discussion followed about attendance for seniors after final exams.

–Suggestion made to put the Aloha Festival on 5/17.

–Suggestion Aloha Festival and Move-up Assembly both on May 3rd.

–Senior Finals will be May 15 and 16.


–Nancy said grades are due by 11:15am on 5/31.

–Discussion followed about students who take make-up exams.

–Proposal made to have a doctor’s note to take a make-up exam.

–Finals will be Friday, May 24th, Tuesday, May 28th and Wednesday, May 29th.  This is tentative until we confirm with transportation.  Friday periods 1 and 2 exams, Tuesday, periods 4 and 6 exams, and Wednesday periods 3 and 5 exams.

–Michelle suggested changing the date of the Senior Breakfast to 5/23.


IV.        Space Allocation


–Marcus suggested we table this until the next meeting.

–Michelle said that we need to have this discussion before we do the Master Schedule.


V.         CFAs

–The dates are May 13th and 20th.  Marcus will discuss them with everyone after they are completed.


Department Heads Meeting


I.          Master Schedule


Dates for Grade:  Thursday, 2/28 at 8:00am.  Grading period ends on 2/22.

Friday, April 25th at 8:00am.  Grading period ends on 4/19.

Friday, May 31st at 11:15am.



–Nancy said we have our course catalogue on the web site on one page.  It will be under the tab “Counseling Office.”  Most courses have descriptions.


–Registration will begin next Monday for 10th – 12th graders.  Counselors will use Room 104.  Goal is to complete this by 2/22/13.  If we need more space we will use 101 and 102 when Mr. Tan and Mr. Machtay have preps.


–Nancy mentioned the A-G planning sheets.  She sent the group guidelines via email.

–Nancy said on Tuesday night, 5:30pm – 7pm they will host a Road to College Program to inform parents about what courses their students need to take.  Parents learn from School Loop, the PTSA the auto-dialer, etc. Two hundred families usually attend.


–Doug asked Nancy to provide the student HO numbers.

–Nancy will provide a calendar with all deadlines at the next meeting.


–Nancy must be completely done with the Master Schedule by June 1st with the new system, Synergy. She has been flexible with changes in the past, but this year there will be no changes after June 1st.

–Doug said changes in the teacher roster will require some flexibility.


All students, including 9th graders, and all teachers must be in place in the Master Schedule by June 1st.


–Kathleen said we need better data from the Newcomer students.

–Nancy suggested a Dept. Head meeting next Thursday to discuss the Master Schedule.

–This meeting is moving to 3rd period next year.

–Compliance issues will be a major item next year.


–Joseph suggested we keep the Leadership Team/Department Head meetings on Tuesdays, meeting each week for different topics.  The group agreed so the group will meet every Tuesday during 4th period.


–Nancy said students can get a waiver for foreign language if they speak English as a second language.  Also, students can be exempt from PE if they are an athlete.  That can start in the Freshman year.  All Freshmen will have to take PE.  PE is optional for Sophomores if they are an athlete.  A season of a sport counts as 1 semester.  If an athlete becomes ineligible, they still can practice with the team and get credit.


–Sophomores can sign up for PE, JROTC, or get a waiver to be an athlete.

–Because of the PE and foreign language waivers, we will have some challenges to fill a 6 period day for all students.

–Ethan mentioned a coach who is not certificated now can give PE credit to an athlete.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45am.