2/26/2013 Meeting Minutes


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

1150 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA  94109

Room 210 at 3:30 P.M.

Location and Time of Meeting


School Site Council Meeting– February 26, 13


Marcus Blackshur – Principal
Betty Grinnell –
Mele Lau Smith – parent
Claire Seigal – parent
Jackie Peters – teacher
Jonathan Ring – teacher
Anna Mai – student rep
Brandon Tong – alternate
Lisa Warnke – Asst. Principal
Nancy Lambert – Assistant Principal

Stan DeBella – teacher
Doug Page – teacher
Nicole Torres -parent
Jessica Suen – alternate
Andrew Huang – student rep
Mr. Kyle – alternate
Vera Robinson – alternate
Nancy Lambert – Assistant Principal

1. Budget Presentation

$400,000 decrease in SY 13-14 budget. Some of decrease due to fewer students (1,992 vs 2124). Decrease in LEP and SCE (English language learner and Low-income students) budgets were greatest.

Possible that there will be an increase of one additional FTE funded through from Career Tech Education . If this happens, this will free up some funds from the overall budget.

AP funding is based on “new formula”.

There will be fewer students in college/career so there is a need for few classes.
District is allowing students to waive PE for athletics so there will be fewer students in PE.
There will be fewer ELD students so there is less need for classes.

The next steps are for the administration to develop a preliminary budget and BSC for the SSC to review at next meeting.

2. Data Review:

Cell Phone group

Early Warning Indicator students (Low GPA/Low attendance) as freshman

As 10th graders: 64 EWI:

50% on track for A-G (30); 27 off track
19 improved/stayed the same attendance; 45 attendance gone down
19 have increased/stayed the same GPA since middle school; 45 GPA gone down

9th graders – 73 EWI

20 on track for A-G; 51 off track ( after one semester)
29 improved/stayed the same GPA since middles school; 26 GPA gone down
26 improved/stayed the same attendance; 29 gotten worse