Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – February 21, 2013


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:40am.


Marcus gave the group some feedback from this morning’s Principal’s Meeting held at Galileo.  This is an inquiry meeting.  What can I do as the instructional leader to get teacher buy-in to the vision for the school is what Marcus was asking the assembled group of principals today. He also included groups at Galileo in this question.  The principals felt that our department heads are doing a great job.  This was just after a brief walk through.  The second group was first  and second year teachers and they also got a good rating.  The BBC was in that group and it was needed there.  The third group was a hodge podge.  The principals liked the co-teaching in 350 and 414.  Marcus thanked everyone in the room and said he learned a lot during  their visit today.


Leadership Team


I.            Superintendent’s State of the District Address

–Lisa talked about this meeting.  It is all district administrators meeting.  It occurs several times in the year.  Nancy said there were 400 administrators present.  Lisa said the weighted student formula would remain the same as last year.

–Doug said the governor said it would go up $300 per student.  That would be $200-300 per student.

–Nancy said the administrators mumbled we would get more money.  She also said we would get the arts and PE monies restored as well as library funds.  Joseph said the Prop H was cut by 25%, but it would now be restored. That would mean $25,000 for VPA.

–Lisa said there were discussions on how the district could help support priorities.  They talked about coaching, and professional development.  Nancy said they sounded like they would like to strengthen the Curriculum & Instruction Office as well as the LEAD office.

–Michelle asked if there was mention of evaluating teachers in part by test scores.  The answer was no.

–Katie said we would be allocated fewer students next year and this will result in less funding.


II.            Master Schedule Update

–Nancy asked if the google docs she sent everyone were working.  Doug said he took the math portion out and put it on his own sheet.  He felt this was safer.  David made sure everyone in his department had their own.  They will re-share the document when they are done.

–Doug said some of his students were not listed.  Nancy asked that absent students be added to the bottom of the list.

–Mat asked if someone would review the work at the end.  He felt there might be some errors. Lauren said they should catch these types of errors.


–Nancy said the academy/pathway numbers look pretty good.  She asked for the information back March 1st.


III.            Space Allocation

–David wanted to create a process for room assignments when rooms open up.  What is the process? Nancy has done this in the past.

–Stan felt the UBC should be involved.  Marcus felt the Leadership Team should have a stronger voice, as there are more representatives in this group.

–When a teacher retires, the room stays with the department.  Is it the most senior teacher who gets the room, or the new teacher?  David wants to know if it is done by departments and do the departments own the room?    Is it a school resource or a department resource?

–Doug felt that putting rooms into a general pool would not be fair.  He felt the department rooms should be close to each other.

–Michelle felt we should identify the educational priorities before assigning rooms.

–Doug said that their full time rooms need to stay their full time rooms.

–David said drastic changes do not happen over night.  He thought it is worth looking at room allocation to see where the process is now.  Doug said this should be students to room capacity ratio.  David mentioned safety and working conditions for students and teachers.

–Doug said in his department there are some teachers who are not full time and do not have their own rooms.

–Marcus suggested several people come up with some proposals.

–David said there were rooms that became available over the summer and there was no protocol for new assignments.  There are usually only 1 or 2 a year at most.

–Michelle talked about English being the only course students take all 4 years.  She mentioned programs that are growing with more sections being added.


–Marcus has a plan to get the school to 2000 enrollment.  Cutting students can result in cutting teachers.

–Kathleen asked if the Leadership Team could discuss room assignment if a room becomes available.

–David also said we should minimize the number of traveling teachers.

–Marcus said it would be great if several members could come up with several proposals.

–Michelle mentioned curricular needs as being important in room assignments.

–David will write a proposal and administrative team will do so as well.


IV.            Graduation

–Graduation is Wednesday, May 29th at 1:00pm.  We will work out coverage.


V.            Eighth Grade Open House

–Marcus said we need to come up with a date and we need to review last year’s structure.  Michelle remembers that it was mostly student run last year.  Karin Lau put it together last year.

–Joseph said the Orchestra and Band Performance was a part of the program last year.

–This event gives students and parents a look at the school.  David said the date was April 25th last year.

–Marcus said right now it is scheduled for after May 8th.  May 1st is another date that is suggested.

–Marcus felt there should be representation from each department as well as the academies and pathways.

–Lauren feels that this open house is valuable for the parents to see where their students are going to school.  8th graders will get their assignment letters on March 15th.

–All schools do this.

–Nancy suggested April 17th.  Joseph prefers April 24th.  April 17th is the preferred date.  We will do the concert that night as well.


VI.            Traffic Sign for Bay Street

–Katie said Kelli is reaching out for someone to come from the city and survey our area –Michelle mentioned how many drop offs occur on Bay Street.

–Doug mentioned the great speed of the traffic. Doug mentioned Page Street and Urban School. Parents paid for the signs there and the traffic slows.

–Marcus suggested a social studies class take this on.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.