Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting Minutes – March 14, 2013


Leadership Team/Department Heads Meeting





Marcus called the meeting to order at 10:20am.


Leadership Team Agenda


I.          Budget

–Marcus distributed information about next year’s budget.  This was presented to the SSC last night.  Discussion on the changes took place but no decisions were made.

–We need look at everything, pare down to a bare minimum and then list priorities to add items back in.  The SSC will work on this is the next several weeks.  One item to be included would be lower class sizes for the 9th grade.

–Send the SSC and/or the administration an email if you have ideas or concerns.


–Joseph asked about the .6PE position and the .2VPA position.  He also asked about some areas where there were increases, like AoHT up .2 percent.

–We went up 2.2FTEs.  Most schools stayed the same and some went down.

–Michelle asked about the .2 Coordinator.  Lisa said it is on the wish list.


II.         STAR Testing 4/22-26/13

–Katie will have the schedule finalized next week and distributed.  The schedule should be the same as last year.


III.       Staff Survey – Part of BSC

–Marcus distributed the surveys for each department for the members to fill out and return to Katie.


–Stan mentioned the Internet troubles and the fact that teachers may not be able to post their 3-week grades.


–Nancy mentioned the Singleton/Doubleton meeting will be 4th period tomorrow in Room 450.  The group will also meet there during 4th period on Monday.

–Marcus asked that the .8 classes not be all compacted at the end of the day.  She asked that the classes be spread out over all periods if possible.

–Joseph said one of his department members said that many of the Special Ed department teachers have 6th period prep.  Ray said that was not true.

–Nancy shared a google doc with everyone for the singleton/doubletons.  Put those classes in that have to be a certain period even if they are not a singleton.

–Department Head period will be 4th period next year and we will meet 4th period every Tuesday.

–Doug mentioned that his department has about 100 students who are misplaced at this time.

–Revisions are due to Nancy by the end of the school day on 3/19.


Department Heads Agenda


I.          BSC

–Marcus passed out the new BSC template.  This one is longer than the old one, but there is less room for narratives.  District goals are included, with a baseline and goals for the next 4 years.  There are targets for Galileo for each year for the next 4 years.  Look this over.


II.         Common Core Literacy Standards


–Lisa referred everyone to page 12, Goal 2: Student Achievement.  She planned an activity for the group.

–Lisa asked for feedback before April 10th and 17th.  She wants the group’s feedback on where we are with these standards and where we want to go with them.  She then distributed 2 sets of standards—one for writing and one for reading.


–The group split in 2 groups—one to look at writing and one to look at reading.  She asked everyone to look at items she has listed.  Look at what we are doing now.  There will be some individual think time included.


–The rest of the meeting was discussion on the material.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45am.