Weekly Bulletin – April 1 – 5, 2013


Weekly Bulletin

APRIL 1 – 5, 2013





WORD OF THE WEEK:    All Teachers please put this word on your blackboard or other prominent place. TAWDRY:  Cheap and gaudy in quality and appearance; cheap show finery.




Active listening means devoting your attention to what someone is saying. It  requires you to listen with an open mind uncluttered by inner dialogue.  Concentrate on understanding what the other person is saying, not on
phrasing your response.




HELP! The Galileo PTSA is sending out this urgent message to alert our community to the serious state of our fundraising efforts this year. This year to date, we have raised only 43% of our budgeted amount. This means that we may be prevented from financially supporting some of the programs and events we usually support, not to mention the grants we usually give out to teachers and student groups who apply to us for special help with their projects.

To make a donation you can simply send a check FOR ANY AMOUNT made out to ‘Galileo PTSA’ to:

Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

Attention: PTSA

1150 Francisco St.

San Francisco, CA 94109


Donate with your credit card via PayPal on the “Donation”, page of the PTSA section of the Galileo website. Or click on the link below, where you also find alternate ways to raise money for the school.


Remember no amount is too small or too big. We thank you for your support now and always!

Please continue to send students our way!  The first step is having students fill out the SUMMERFUNd interest form that is (hopefully) in the plastic folder outside the office door at 458A!

SUMMERFUNd is open Tuesday and Friday afternoons and students prepare their program applications with help from peers, Ms. K. and retired faculty member, Ms. Hughes.

ANNOUNCEMENT FORMS: We are now using Google Forms to collect announcement requests. The form is linked from the Teachers page at galileoweb.org. Check it out.


**BULLETIN NOTICES:**EMAIL ADDRESS FOR BULLETIN NOTICES:  Please email bulletin notices to: grinnellb@galileoweb.org. The deadline for submitting items for the bulletin is Friday morning by 8:30am.                 Mrs. Grinnell


SUBSTITUTE SYSTEM:  The Substitute System’s phone number:  345-0064.  The old phone number, 241-6641, is no longer operational.  The on-line system remains the same.  If you have any questions please let me know.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE CONTRIBUTION:  Just a reminder–if you haven’t already given your social committee contribution, it’s not too late.  See Bettie Grinnell in the Main Office with your $20–checks or cash welcome!                  Social Committee


HOT COFFEE is available every morning for $.75 a cup and fresh baked COOKIES are available for $.25 each in room 212 or 214. Thank you for helping support the special education programs.             Ms. Wlodaver and Ms. McDonagh


PARKING COURTESY:  Please do not block other cars in both the Bay Street and the Polk Street parking lots.  If you have to block a car, do it only for a few minutes and leave your Galileo Parking Hanger in plain sight in your car.  If you do not have a Galileo Parking Hanger, see Bettie Grinnell in the Main Office.                                       Mrs. Grinnell


GALILEO PTSA EDUCATION AND ENRICHMENT GRANT APPLICATIONS: The Galileo PTSA is accepting Grant Applications from teachers and staff in need of funding for projects, equipment and/or suppliegalileoweb.org/ptsa. Grant applications may be turned in to the PTSA mailbox in the main office. If you have questions email the Grants’ Chair Claire Siegel at cesiegel@pacbell.net or call her at 415.350.5697.


G-HOUSE TV AND INTERCOM ANNOUNCEMENTS: Teachers: Please be cognizant of allowing students to listen to morning and homeroom announcements. Many are important for students to get info on sports, events, activities, or educational opportunities. Some teachers are hanging the phones  up or not turning the t.v. on for G-House. These actions deprive the students of notifications and they miss out. Thank you.                 Don Papa


ASB STORE in Room 150 is selling healthy snacks, beverages, sweatshirts, lanyards, bookcovers, pens, pennants, mugs, and other spirit items during lunch time and after school. Money helps to pay for our school activities.

ASB STORE is selling ASB card stickers @ $5.00. Discounts are given for dances, sweatshirts, yearbook, and other spirit items.

For young women only—Don’t miss the opportunity to study science and engineering, writing, history or environmental science this summer at Smith College in Massachusetts.   Don’t miss the opportunity to develop skill to become a powerful leader at the Eleanor Roosevelt Girls’ Leadership Workshop, a nine-day program in New York.  This summer program is open to current 9th and 10th graders.


SUMMERFUNd has the information about these and many more programs.     Come to 4548A on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  Fill out an interest form. Talk to students who’ve attended these programs.  Talk to Ms. K.  The time is NOW!


ASB ELECTION ASSEMBLY: is Friday, April 5 during a double period 4.


CHINESE KARAOKE CONTEST:is Friday evening, April 12 in the auditorium.


BACKPACKING, ROCK CLIMBING, KAYAKING, WHITE WATER RAFTING, BOAT BUILDING!  These are just some of the activities YOU can participate in during the summer of 2013!  No experience is necessary. There are outdoor leadership programs for high school students of all ages and incomes.  SUMMERFUNd has information and applications!  The deadline for one program, PINNACLE Outward Bound, is Friday, March 15  so come in right away to work on your application!  SUMMERFUNd is in Room 458A and the office is open Tuesday and Friday afternoons until at least 6 PM.  Don’t miss out on these awesome adventures!


HEALTH CAREERS AT UCSF:The deadline has been extended for 10th graders interested in spending 3 weeks this summer learning about health careers at UCSF!  Pick up your application at SUMMERFUNd, Room 458A.  Applications are in the plastic folder outside the door!  Visit SUMMERFUNd on Tuesday and Friday to get help with your application.  Ms. K. will collect complete applications this Friday, March 22.  The final PITCH deadline is Friday, April 5.


ENGINEERING: Civil engineering? Bioengineering? Chemical engineering? Mechanical engineering?  Computer engineering?  SUMMERFUNd has info about many summer engineering programs all over the country.  See Ms. K. on Tuesday and Friday in Room 458A to learn more about these opportunities to study engineering!


EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETING:today, Monday, in room 153 at 3:15 pm to discuss the ASB Election Assemby and Aloha Food Festival.


PEP RALLY:to introduce the new Galileo Girls’ Flag Football team tomorrow, Tuesday, in the courtyard during lunch time. DJ music by Futurama. Come and cheer the team after school for a home game on Tuesday.


ASB ELECTIONS: is Wed., April 10 during homeroom period.


STUDENT TALENT SHOW ASSEMBLY is Friday, April 12 during a double period 4.


SENIOR PANORAMA will be Wed., April 24 on the George White Athletic Field.

ALOHA FOOD FESTIVAL is Friday, May 3 during lunch time in the courtyard.